In the 2012 Presidential election, the contrast between the two candidates could not be more evident: Romney is a fan of business and commonsense health reform, while President Obama features the national healthcare plan the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare, while Romey favors the repeal of this act. Obama's plan features a mandate for individuals to purchase health care or face a penalty. Romney favors "health care reform" but no mandate, or national health care plan saying it should be left to the states to devise plans for its citizens.

One of the bigest contrasts is in the area or military spending. Romney wants to add several trillion dollars to the defense budget while President Obama does not favor a defense spending increase. He says that the defense budget mandate is not favored by all, and the country can not afford the costs. He points out that the military is not even asking for a budget increase.

The candidate for President Mitt Romney and Barck Obama have very different ideas when it comes to the presidency and the direction that the country should go in. Maybe the biggest contrast between President Obama and Governor Romney is the way they view business and the weatlhy in general. Obama and Romney both favor tax cuts however, atlhough light on detail, Romney says if some taxes are raised others should be lowered, making an overall neutral effect. He features a trickle down economic effect and fewer government regulations for Wall Street. Obama feels that taxes and loopholes should be closed for the wealthy and does not favor a middle class tax hike, Romney says he too will reduce taxes on the middle class while cutting loopholes for the highest income earners.

Other contrasts between Obama and Romney comes to social security. President Obama is one that favors keeping social security the way that it is. Romney favors pivatizing and reforming social security to keep its solvency longer. Obama feels that the issue is that Republicans will be letting Seniors and those with a medicare dependency twist in the wind, but Romney is quick to point out that those that are retired or approaching retirement age the plan stays the same.

All of the contrasts between these two candidate can not be delineated but some of the more important areas are as follows, Gun control. Both Obama and Romney feature gun rights under the second amendment but Obama thinks that gun cotnrol laws are negotiable. Governor Romney is not in favor of any addtional gun control legislation, although earlier in his career he favored the Brady law. Romney seems to feel gun control is an infringement on an individuals 2nd amendment rights.

In terms of energy, President Obama features energy reforms as well as oil independence. Romney features energy reforms and lack of dependrncy on diesel fuels. These ae He wants to increase domestic oil production in the short term. Romney favors further work on the proposed Pennsylvania gas pipeline and increased localized drilling for fossil fuels.
Romney and Obama also not suprisinlgy conrast on their policies in Afghanistan. Obama states that the war in Afghanistan should be winding down. He favored the withdrawal of 23,000 troops by september 30 and the U.S. taking a support role as of 2014. He favors control being returned to the Afghani people which is similar to the decisions that we faced in Iraq. Govenor Romney says the decsion to withdraw troops or maintain them in the area should be a decision of the military top brass with which the Comander and Chief should support, although he is in general in favor of Obama's decsion to order troop withdrawal.
In terms of energy development Romney favors the use of clean coal technology to allow those in the coal industry to continue to function. Obama does not want any dependence of fossil fuel sources and instead favors the use of renewable resources like solar, wind and other natural developments as the wave of the future.

Another area that the presidenial candidates differ is in the area of same sex marriage. Obama favors gays and lesbians to have equal rights under the law and favors equal marriage rights for all. Romney not surpisingly, since he has allied himself with conservative foces takes the view that marriage as an institution should exist strictly between a man and a woman.

The candidates not surpisingly are saying that the stances of the other candidate are ill considered, and don't take into account the full picture of the choices before them. Obama and Romney seem to have personal respect for the other, but they have differing ideologies and ways of handling the issues of and potentially handling the isues in the country. Romney is largely a "pro business" candidate, while Obama sees the role of government as being helpful to the American people. Romney says the states should primarily decide on the role of government in their citizens lives.

Both of the candidate have important ways in which they appeal to the American electorate. It is certain to be close and important election that will shape the direction of our country. Many people look at this election seriously and the fact that it will help determine the future of our country.

The contrasts of Romney and Obama on some of the issues facing this country are in stark contrast to one another. The electorate will have to weigh closely the decisions of the candidates and will have to decide which one better represents their point of view. With the election less than a month away, it is certain to be close as the public seem roughly divided between the two candidates. It will be interesting to see how the election unfolds in the future.

It is important for people to vote, not only to help determine the direction of the country but to put their mark on the election. Many people will be able to vote for the candidate for the presidency that best represents their own point of view or reflects the values of the nation at large.