“Who Do You Think You Are?” on NBC features celebrities trying to find their roots. It's a show about genealogy which initially doesn't seem that fascinating. I haven't even traced out my entire family tree, why would I care about someone else’s? So obviously, initially I hadn't planned on watching this show and I certainly had no intention of it becoming one of my favorite TV shows.

However, I think the lineup of celebrities was so fantastic in season one with Lisa Kudrow that I tuned in. It just took once and I was totally hooked. It was fascinating to see how each celebrity was so invested in their own family history. It's just a chance for them to ask a question about their family tree and then really go after it. If anything it makes celebrities feel a lot more human to the average TV viewer.

My favorite part of the show was watching the celebrities become so animated in the process as they traveled the globe in search of the answers to their questions. At one point Lisa Kudrow was jumping up and down because she found what she was looking for even though her overall story was quite heartbreaking. Out of any show or interview it really seems to break the Hollywood façade and show where people came from and what’s really important to them.

The whole concept behind "Who Do You Think You Are?" is fascinating. We hold up celebrities to this higher standard. Then when you look back a few generations on their family tree you just see that their ancestors came from usually very difficult beginnings and were just persistent. The show does heavily promote Ancestry.com. Oftentimes the genealogists on the show just login to this site which just seems to defeat the purpose of traveling to original archives all over the world in the first place.

The show is on Friday nights and the second season just barely started. Previous guests include Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Emmitt Smith. This season according to the NBC website Tim McGraw as well as Rosie O'Donnel will also pursue their family trees. Even if the show initially seems a little bit boring you should definitely give it a try. You might find yourself interested in genealogy or at the very least you’ll have a better appreciation of where you came from. It’s one of those shows that shouldn’t be fascinating but it just is.