Struggling Student

No matter how intelligent a person may be, there may always be a time or two that he or she comes across something they don’t understand or just can’t comprehend. It may be something as simple as a classroom subject that seems to be causing a little difficulty for a particular student, a homework assignment that they can’t figure out, or a more weighty issue that he or she needs assistance with. No matter what the problem is, a good tutor can often make it much easier for anyone who is having difficulties to grasp the concept being taught. No one person has the ability to know everything, no matter how high their IQ may be.


While some people may be able to understand the more complicated subjects with ease, there may be something of a more basic nature that completely eludes them. The English language, for example, may confuse someone who is a math or science expert, or history may cause all kinds of headaches for someone who has a degree in calculus. Figuring out those complicated math equations may be a ‘piece of cake,’ but what happened hundreds of years ago may be something they just can’t grasp or remember. Everyone has one  area that they struggle with at one time or another, or have to put a lot more effort into learning, and it doesn’t matter how old he or she may be.




Business leaders, students, stay-at-home moms, college kids, doctors, lawyers, and just about everyone else you may be able to think of may require the assistance of a tutor once in a while. While the tutor may be someone in person, or a specialist working online, the concept is the same. Teaching and helping someone who is having a problem in one area or another, no matter what the subject, or how complicated it may be. A tutor is the person who has the expertise, patience, and ability to instruct someone outside a classroom setting. Tutoring is a profession that has been around for years and competent tutors and instructors are in great demand and are regarded highly for their capabilities.


Perhaps you may be considering becoming a tutor. You may be especially good in a certain subject, and have the qualifications needed to be a good tutor. Besides the knowledge you possess, there are other things to think about before you start to advertise your services. For instance, are you a patient, responsible, considerate person? Do you have a friendly, outgoing personality? Do you truly enjoy helping others, or is tutoring just a way to make money for you? Remember, it’s not the easiest job in the world, although it may sound simple at first, so be absolutely sure you have what it takes before making your decision.


More Tutors

Another thing to think about is what subject you plan on specializing in? Perhaps there is more than one area that interests you and you are quite good at. To make sure your services are in demand, teach what you know best and what there is the most need for. Check the various “tutor wanted” ads to get an idea of what people are looking for to see if you have the knowledge of the subjects in most demand. To be a successful tutor, you have to be able to teach effectively, and you won’t be able to do that if you don’t have the education in a given field. You can’t “fake” it, and the results will be disastrous if you try. Your tutoring career will be over before it gets started.


It’s a good idea to start out by assisting fellow students in need before you move on to more challenging tutoring jobs. Get a feel for what you are attempting to do, familiarize yourself with teaching methods, and get comfortable in the position of teacher. Once you have done all this and are successful at achieving goals you and your student have set, you will be able to take on jobs that are more difficult, but not until this has been accomplished. Be very sure of your goals and what you need to do to make them a reality, while offering the best possible service to the people who hire you.