DC Comics has done it again.  They have produced a very good television show.  The first show was Arrow, Followed by Gotham, and The Flash.  Now they have created Constantine, which you can watch Friday nights on NBC. 

The difficulty that DC has had in the past with its characters, they cannot tell a full story about them in a two or three-hour movie.  The DC universe is more complex than just some simple characters that are thrown onto a piece of paper.  Constantine is an example of complexity in a character.   With every episode the viewer learns something new about Constantine, the people he is trying to protect, and the evil that he is protecting the world from.  

A Look At The Show Constantine

The Story

The Story of Constantine is fairly simple.  He is a man who fights against evil demons that are out to take over the world.  The demons usually take human bodies and create mischief through their human hosts.  Constantine is not the only person that has a challenge with demons, there are also people that he has to save from death.   

The Hero

John Constantine is an average person.  He looks like something out of Casablanca as he wears a tan trench coat, white shirt, black slacks, and loafers.  All of his cloths are a planned mess, as he is always in a hurry to find the spirit that is haunting people of the places that he visiting.  Constantine is not a muscle-bound hero.  His hair is usually messy, and he looks like he has constant five o'clock shadow.  

Constantine is intelligent as he is able to figure out the entity that is haunting a particular town, and who is causing the demon to visit the town.   

Constantines Ally's

Saving the world one soul at a time is not an easy prospect and cannot be done alone.  Constantine has a few people(?) help him along the way, even though he does not want the help from those people. 


Chas shows up in the first episode as a cab driver, helping Constantine go from place to place.  As time goes on the viewer discovers that Chas and Constantine have quite a different relationship.  He is not just a servant for Constantine, Chas is more of an adviser to help his friend fight the demons.


He helps Constantine see the bigger picture.  The angel lets the hero know of the impending war of good versus evil that is coming to Earth.  Constantine does not like Manny, nor does he trust the angel.   


Zed is an artist who can see the places that the demons are staying.  She helps Constantine by giving the clues that are in the visions that she sees and helps him solve the problem that has come to the town that the pair is visiting. 

Constantine is a fun show to watch.  The premise does come from a comic book, but it may not follow the comic book exactly, but that does not matter.  The show is well made, with a good mix of humor and drama.  It is a great show to watch, and what else are you going to do on a Friday night?