David Mayer de Rothschild - Eco Adventurer, Author, and One Of The Earth's Wealthiest Men.

David Mayer De Rothschild


I don't wish to have anyone feel as though I'm patronizing them here.  Simply put, the Rothschild family is one of the wealthiest, if not THE wealthiest family on Earth.  They are a family of bankers that rose to global prominence during the Napoleonic wars.

The family was originally based in Frankfurt, Germany; but after gaining huge wealth by safekeeping and lending, and earning interests from the money belonging to Prince William IX of Hessel-Kassel as he'd hid from Napoleon's wrath; the Rothschild's branched out across Europe.  Nathan Rothschild was either sent or just went to England by his father, and after some rather deceptive or fraudulent actions, wound up virtual lord and master of England's economic system and currency. David Mayer de Rothschild would be a direct descendant of Nathan Rothschild.

Rothschild Conspiracy Theories And Antisemitism.

If you're not aware of the billion and one Rothschild conspiracy theories available in books and on webpages, then ...well, you've just not been paying a whole heck of a lot of attention.  If you were to hit your search engine of choice and type in "Rothschild Conspiracy Theories," as I just did, then you'd find there are roughly 243,000 results for that query.

Now there's a few reasons why it is this single family, family Rothschild, is associated with so very many conspiracy theories or conspiracy truths, and that is well - their behavior as a family for one.  Nobody knows much of any truth about them.  All that is known for sure are the faces, the names, the "official documents, " and the palaces so large that no King could live in them, only a Rothschild.

The Rotshchild family is Jewish by descent.  Whether or not the Rothschild family follows Judaism or not is likely specific to individuals.  These are some of the most private persons on the planet, and very little of their doings is ever known to the public.

 I'm sure there were Jewish conspiracy theories before the House of Rothschild became the wealthiest family on the planet, but since that time, almost every Jewish conspiracy theory is centered around one family, and one family only...The Rothschild family.  What are these conspiracy theories?  They all revolve around global governance, or "new world order" ideals.

Oh the Rothschild family has minions, of course, and so the Jewish conspiracy theories go on and on forever...or at least until the end of this age.  If you are wealthy and Jewish, you've probably had someone link you to the Rothschild family at one point or another, regardless of how far removed from them in blood and in business you may be.

To whom much is given, much is required - and so to my way of thinking it doesn't matter who the wealthiest family on the planet is...they're absolutely going to have conspiracy truths and conspiracy fictions said far and wide about them, and this is as it should be.  Are we not each other's brother and sister?  We are.

Ah what a mixed bag is this Family Rothschild!  They're responsible via their own actions for a lot of the suspicion cast on all Jewish persons, and at the same time, without family Rothschild - there'd likely be no Israel today. What is the truth about this family?  Nobody much knows.  It has been said the lies about the Rothschild's are easy to spot, but the truth about them is impossible to find.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Father Of David Mayer de Rothschild

Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9770790/Sunday-Interview-Sir-Evelyn-de-Rothschild-To-be-rather-abrupt-I-dont-think-theres-been-a-great-change-since-2008.html

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild And Victoria Lou Schott - Parents of David Mayer de Rothschild

It is fairly difficult to suss out who anyone is in the metaphysical sense without first touching upon who their parents are or were.  David is the son of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, and and Victoria Lou Schott.  His parents are no longer married.  David isn't an only child, in fact he's the youngest heir to the vast fortune of the Rothschild banking family of England.  He's got an older brother, Anthony de Rothschild, and an older sister, Jessica de Rothschild.

One could say about David that he is the star, really, as he's quite active and vocal.  He's also very personable on camera, and seemingly a very friendly man. David Mayer de Rothschild is likely the only Rothschild you'll ever truly get to know much of anything about.

So Who Is Evelyn de Rothschild?

Simply put, Evelyn has been involved in global banking his entire adult life.  He was born into wealth too great to calculate, and he has overseen the portions of his family's wealth appointed to him, and has spent a lot of time in both the USA and Europe. I could go on here and list you all the positions held at one time or another by Evelyn de Rothschild, but most folks would not have heard of any of them.  If a comparison to another man is permissible here, then think of Evelyn as the British version of David Rockefeller.

Concerning David's mother, well, her name is Victoria Lou Schott.  Persons this wealthy either choose to have their lives known about to the greater public, or they choose not to allow much to be known.  Generally speaking, any and all associated with family Rothschild most often choose to remain in the shadows with their incomprehensible fortunes.

Victoria Lou Schott - David Mayer de Rothschild's Mother.

Victoria Lou SchottCredit: http://www.geni.com/people/Victoria-de-Rothschild/6000000010601796914


So Who Is David Mayer de Rothschild?

 David is quite a lot of things.  Aren't all of us multi-faceted and complex?  David has a very public image, something very different from the rest of his family, and he's surely a rising star on the global stage.

David is a bit of a scholar, and has received an advanced degree in Natural Medicine from the College of Neuropathic Medicine in London.  What he's most often described as, however, is a "enterprising eco adventurer."  Ecology is something more of us ought to be concerned about, as our environment is shared by us all.

David was born on August the 25th day of the year of our lord 1978, in London, England - the finance capital of the world, in a nation his family has dominated financially since the day Nathan Rothschild defrauded all of England with false news concerning the battle of Waterloo. Let's not make the mistake of judging David for his family history.  David is his own man with his own mission.  He's obsessed with ecology, and that is no bad thing.  He's also got a real desire to affect our thinking in regards to consumption, and consumerism - towards the benefit of the other life forms on Earth, and his thinking is this will benefit humanity.

It might not be his favorite title, but a lot of folks have taken to referring to David Mayer de Rothschild as "plastic Jesus." It's hardly David's fault he looks virtually identical to every European painting of Jesus anyone has ever seen. Why plastic Jesus? Well, people call him that for some very good reasons, reasons tied to his "eco adventurer" description.  Mr. David Mayer de Rothschild is a bit of a sailor, and he'd had a boat crafted entirely from discarded plastic soda containers.

The Plastiki

A Boat Crafted From Discarded Plastic Soda Containers.

The Plastiki

The Voyage Of The Plastiki

The well documented voyage of the Plastiki served a fine purpose, in my opinion, and I'm not alone.  David's goal with it all was to draw attention to the problem of our consumer "throw away society," where people just purchase things due to instant gratification desires and the programming we've been getting via television, radio, and print media our entire lives.

Across the globe there are islands of trash built up by consumers dumping product containers after consumption of whatever was inside.  These islands of waste debris serve as monuments of human stupidity.  They're disgusting to behold, and they are the accumulation of disgusting actions.  I'm hoping for more of the same activism from David de Rothschild.  Oh the planet doesn't need saving.  The planet Earth will be fine regardless.  It's a great deal of ego one has to have to think the planet Earth needs saving, it doesn't.  What needs saving is humanity and the environment we live in, and depend on for our survival.  

While I can absolutely commend a man such as David Mayer de Rothschild from stepping away entirely from the norm of his family paradigm, and going out on his own to be seen, and heard - I also think David is very much out of touch with humanity at large.  I can't blame him for that, really, the man was born into wealth far greater than can be calculated, and what he is "worth" in monetary value is not something anyone will know.  There may be figures available, but we're all a bit wiser than that, aren't we?

In any case, we should have a look at David, and we will.  The following video concerns the voyage of the Plastiki.  You can get an idea of what it might have been like to travel the oceans on such a small boat from the video.

David Mayer de Rothschild - The Voyage Of The Plastiki

The Plastiki Tour

David Mayer de Rothschild - Author and Blogger.

So besides being an "eco adventurer," and the only truly public face of the world's most notorious family, anyone who wants to know who David Mayer de Rothschild is - should also know about his bit of penmanship.  In 2007 David published a book titled The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook. While I have not read this book, it is available on Amazon.com, and surely in your nearest trendy local bookstore.

I like to imagine it was printed on recycled paper, if not, well, we've got some issues to work out with our eco warrior from the global banking cartel, do we not?  What about the shipment of these books?  Were they delivered to retailers via gargantuan fossil fuel burning Leviathans with a Caterpillar engine?  Oh I bet they were!  Was this book a true survival handbook?  No, no it wasn't.  It was more consumer garbage from a would be superstar of modern oligarchy.

You can have a look see yourself online - never take my word for anything.  Myself, I suss things out on intuition and the facts I can discern.  David de Rothschild might mean well, or he might be another Obama like charlatan selling snake oil.  In any case, he's the only Rothschild you're ever going to get a good long look at.  So that in and of itself is something.

David's also written another book, and of course his books get published, the second is called The Boy The Girl the Tree, and yes, I typed that just as I read it on Wikipedia.  "The Boy The Girl the Tree" is a graphic novel by David featuring artist Simon Harrison, who was a DC comics artist - so jolly good show on that, I suppose.

There is, of course, besides all the Youtube videos, a book about the Plastiki tour by David de Rothschild, and it as the others is available on amazon.com, this one is titled Plastiki Across The Pacific On Plastic: An Adventure To Save Our Oceans.

Oh yeah, David also blogs on Huffington Post. Color me skeptic, but I just can not see how one of the world's wealthiest humans can make a boat out of plastic, and leave out from San Francisco ..and call it "The greatest adventure of our time." I'm absolutely positive you or I could have a greater adventure at any given moment, but sadly, we just don't have the money or time to accumulate twelve thousand and some extra plastic two liter bottles and hire someone to build us a boat out of it all. But this is WHO David Mayer de Rothschild IS.

Thanks for reading.