Michael R. Taylor
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Michael Taylor - A Lawyer, A Lobbyist, A Corporate Shill.

According to the FDA's own website, the lawyer named Michael Taylor's duties include ensuring that food labels contain clear and accurate information.  This, however, is anything but true, as the FDA's foods are not labeled in such a way to where the consumer can know whether or not GMOs are included in the food products.  Benito Mussolini once famously stated that fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.  Nowhere in the USA can the merger of state and  corporate power be seen more clearly than it is now with Michael Taylor, a former lawyer and lobbyist for Monsanto, as a policy maker for the US food and drug safely administration.

Who is Michael R. Taylor?  One answer to the question must be as follows:  Michael R. Taylor is a man who represents the will of corporations over the will of the United States citizen.  There is no doubt Michael R. Taylor is a man who fits the definition of fascist, and according to Benito Mussolini, a man who certainly knew what a fascist was.

It is fact B.H. Obama promised in his first election campaign to see to it GMOs were labeled[1].  Thing is, his endorsement and appointment of Michael R. Taylor revealed the POTUS Obama for what he really was, and what his real intentions were, and are.

Who is Michael R. Taylor?  The answer to that question must also include that he is former lawyer, executive, and lobbyist for Monsanto, thought to be the world's most evil corporation year after year[2].

The Michael R. Taylor Juggling Act.
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The Career Of Michael R. Taylor.

The time and place of birth for Michael R. Taylor are hidden even from the editors of Wikipedia[3].  Wikipedia has a page for the exact Michael R. Taylor being discussed here, but there is no record even of when or where he was born.  For that, I can hardly tell you so much about him.  Isn't it odd that a deputy commissioner of the food and drug administration's life basics are so hidden from the public he is ostensibly in a position of power to protect?

What we do know about Michael R. Taylor is he did graduate with a bachelor's degree from Davidson College, and then he went on to get a law degree from the University of Virginia in 1976.  He went immediately to work for the Food and Drug Administration, serving as executive assistant to the commissioner.  In 1981 Michael R. Taylor went to work for a private law firm known as King and Spalding, the company's major client was Monsanto.

In 1988 Michael Taylor published a paper concerning the Delaney Clause. What Taylor argued was that there were reasonable amounts of toxic chemicals that may be added to foods.  This, of course, made profits much more readily available for clients such as Monsanto.  

In 1991 Michael Taylor left King and Spalding again to join the FDA.  Soon Michael Taylor was signing off on policy to say that milk produced from cows treated with bovine growth hormone ought not have to be labeled for the consumers to know about it.  It is known that such milk from such cows contains two percent udder puss, and is carcinogenic milk.

The policies of Michael R. Taylor can be said to always be towards an end.  What end?  Simply put, the legal policies of Michael R. Taylor provide the biotechnology industry the chance to grow without much in the way of regulation.  Michael Taylor could be said to be the biotech industry's man with a pen, their man to keep them unfettered, regardless of any consequences for consumers.

Between 1994 and 1996 Michael Taylor moved into the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as the administrator of food safety and inspection services.  While there, he developed an approach for his job, and it's been called hazard analysis and critical points. It was while Michael Taylor was with the USDA that the first lawsuits filed on him for his rather obvious conflicts of interest.  Nothing came of any of the case.  

Following his stint with the USDA, Michael R. Taylor would return again to work for King and Spalding, and then, he'd go to work for Monsanto, as their Vice President of Public Policy. Since the onset of the Obama administration, Taylor has returned yet again to the FDA, and in 2010 a new position was created there especially for him, Deputy commissioner for Foods.

Michael Taylor And The Monsanto Revolving Door.

Monsanto's Revolving Door.
Credit: http://www.sallyhomemaker.com/journal/corrupt-the-governments-revolving-door-with-monsanto/

Why Does Michael Taylor Matter?

Why should we care about any of this?  Shouldn't we just trust the government to do the right thing?  It would be terrific were we in a place in time and history where we could just trust the government to do the right thing.  The revolving door situation where a man like Michael Taylor goes back and forth from working for a law firm that represents Monsanto, and then to the FDA, and then working directly for Monsanto, and then back to the FDA - this makes it all very clear that such a man has an outright conflict of interests between his positions and the positions he's as likely as not to return to.

There is no reason to believe that while working for the FDA a man like Michael Taylor will not  seek to favor a corporation like Monsanto, after all, they're likely just waiting to hire him again.  It has been said of Michael R. Taylor that he is "the person who may be responsible for more food related illness and death than anyone in history[4]."  That my friends, is who Michael R. Taylor is.