Who is Sears target market? Is it you or me or is it anybody in particular? Find out who in this article.


There are many products sold at Sears and that has made many wondering and asking the question who is Sears target market really? The answer to that question may vary according the many reviews and opinions of many people as well as the answers of any individual if you as the same question. There is no right or wrong answer to that question because as a whole the target market of Sears is actually everyone and it will be explained further in this article.

What Is Sears?

Before we answer the question on who is Sears target audience let us first discuss what is Sears? Sears which is official company name as Sears, Roeback and Co., is an American chain of department stores that was founded in 1893 by Richard Warren Sears and his partner Alvah Curtis Roeback.

They were the pioneers of Sears and its Sears’ catalogs which has the reputation of good quality service, dependable and affordable price and most of all customer satisfaction. Now Sears has grown into many stores and subsidiaries that offer everything to anyone and everyone the products that Sears have?

The Answer to the Question?

Yes, you have read it right, the answer to the question “who is Sears target market really?” It is anyone who wants the satisfaction of great quality products from Sears and everyone available in the market. Whatever is your profession, gender, age, nationality, religion, height or even weight, Sears will always open its doors to you.

Shop According To Age



A mom was asked who is Sears target market really and her answer was pretty simple for babies. Yes it is true you can shop a lot of items for your babies needs because Sears believes that a new baby in the family means big changes. That is why there are many items you can choose from according to use, age and occasion.

There are clothes in different genders and sizes, different brands and designs and clothes for various use and activities. There are items for proper baby care like diapers and diaper bags, cottons and baby wipes. Infant food and nutrition like powdered milk, feeding bottles and baby food. There are also furniture like cribs, beds and play pens and toys for toddlers and babies.



Of course, Sears understood the needs of children nowadays. That is why they have many items for kids on different ages and gender. They can start choosing from the toys they want like remote controlled cars, action figures and sports gears for boys while the girls can have the latest dolls, kitchen sets and play house they want.

There are also clothes available for kids like designer clothes, shirts, denim, graphic tees, hoodies, backpacks and many more. Kids can show off not only their clothes but also their gears like watches, phones and other apparels because they are one of the answer to who is Sears target market.



When the kids have grown into teens they have become one of the answers to who is Sears target audience. There are many other things the teenagers would love to have nowadays aside from the regular clothes, gears and apparels. Teens nowadays are active and always on the go so there are many changes that they are going to undergo and that’s why Sears is always ready for them.

Aside from the usual clothing the teens nowadays love to express themselves in different ways so they create or follow unique fashion trends – trends like these are always available at Sears. Sears offer products that cater to the needs of teens in terms of taking care of themselves and social status. Things like beauty and restorative products, perfumes, colognes, and many more are offered at Sears.



The world being run by adults is understood by Sears, that’s why they have products that adults would love to have. Like corporate clothes, intimate clothes, and more. Sears offer different kind of jewelleries like gemstones, diamonds, bridal jewelleries, gold watches, pearl necklaces and many more.

You can shop for all kinds and categories from gadgets, health and beauty wellness, items for different hobbies and other stuff.

Shop According To Who You Are

Yes you can shop to what you or what you want. If you are a techie and love gadgets Sears has many to offer for you. It can be any of the following, the latest cellular phones, iphones, ipods, android phones, laptops, notebooks, desktops, and the accessories. If you are a gaming fanatic then sears is the best place for you. They have all the latest gaming consoles for you name it they have it; Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, the latest PSP’s and even Nintendo 3DS and it will not be complete without the games it offers.

Sports lovers and sport buffs would love Sears for the many variety of sporting goods they offer. Ball sports like basketball, soccer, football and golf, extreme sporting gears like gears for hockey, skiing, bicycle and many more can be found in Sears.

Shop According to What You Need

Now who is Sears target audience? It is anyone who needs stuff. Be it entertainment appliances like televisions and dvd’s, kitchen tools and appliances like ovens and dishwashers and garment appliances like sewing machines, washers and dryers they have it all. They have everything you need for maintaining and making your backyard clean and beautiful like fences, mowers, tools and supplies for gardening.

They have everything and anything you might need even on different occasions. Christmas decors and trees for Christmas season, Halloween gears and apparel, and even the prized turkey at Thanksgiving. They have all the things you need for bed and bathroom like beddings, accessories, foams for your bedroom and sinks, tiles, soaps, towels and many more for your bathroom need.


The next time someone asks you the question who is Sears target audience you can simply answer everyone and if asked why you can always tell that person that Sears has many to offer to everyone. Everything from personal needs to lawn care, you don’t have to say everything because you will be exhausted. The many products offered at Sears will make everyone know the answer to the question “who is Sears target market”.