Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Who Is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild? He's The Descendant Of Nathan Rothschild.

Simply put, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is one of the patriarchs of the Rothschild banking family, the family that is probably the single most wealthy and influential family on the planet Earth.  Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is the definte patriarch of the English branch of the Rothschild family, this is important to note because the Rothschild family is spread out across Europe, and has been since the days after Amschel Moses Bauer changed the family surname to Rothschild, and sent his sons across Europe to infiltrate the continent's finance industries.

If you think I'm implying some sort of "conspiracy theory" here, then that is fine, it is for you to determine what you think, not me.  In any case, what happened, has certainly happened. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is a direct descendant of Nathan Rothschild, who was probably the brightest of the sons of Amschel Moses Bauer, and so Nathan had been sent to England, the wealthiest nation in Europe at the time.

By some accounts Nathan Rothschild defrauded the entire nation of England by claiming, while knowing the opposite to be true, that Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo; by other accounts, Nathan Rothschild is as much to credit as was Wellington for Napoleon's defeat.[1]  

Nathan Mayer de Rothschild - Master Of Currency.

Nathan Mayer de Rothschild

Rothschild Conspiracy Theories.

I'm going to take just a moment to assume that the reader here just might not know who these Rothschild persons are.  Oh I know if you've read to here you've already gathered something, but it is possible you've as of yet failed to recognize the depth of it all.  You see, whenever you say the famous name Rothschild, you've practically invited all manner of ideas into the conversation, and some of them could be rather strange.  What is certain is that though loads of these strange ideas are likely false, only a very few of them can be proved to be false.

Simply put, in the world of conspiracy theory and conspiracy reality, there is one family that stands squarely on top of the rest, and that family is Rothschild, the same family that has the most control over the entire global finance and banking machine.  It is merely a fact that the family being of Jewish descent only adds to the whole boondoggle.  It is important to remember that it doesn't matter who is Jewish and who isn't - when your family is the wealthiest family in the entire world, you are ABSOLUTELY going to be the family with the most blame on your shoulders for these ills in our world, and quite frankly, that is as it should be.  

The name Rothschild was taken from the "red shield" the family used to identify their money changing business in their ancestral home in Germany.  Rothschild means red shield, in German. Today, the flag flying over the nation of Israel displays the exact same emblem, but instead, the Israeli flag is in blue, and called the star of David.  The so called "Star of David" has nothing at all to do with the Hebrew King David, there is no evidence the symbol was ever related to David, the king.[2]  The symbol only has anything to do with the family Rothschild, it is THEIR symbol.  It doesn't take a lot of looking through history to see how the family of English Rothschild's wound up getting Israel as their own.  Do I care?  Yes!  Yes I care, in fact, I know it wasn't the will of the Rothschild family that allowed that to happen, but rather the will of God.

 If one shuns my eschatological sort of theories, well, that is fine; but you're left with not a lot but Rothschild conspiracy theories to explain the rebirth of Israel.

So what are Rothschild conspiracy theories typically about?

Well, simply put, Rothschild conspiracy theories are typically about the world's wealthiest family and their notion of consolidating all world power under one government.  These conspiracy theories can be boiled down to one simple genre of conspiracy theory, and that genre can be called New World Order conspiracy theories.

How anyone can even call these things "theories" is beyond me.  I suspect people often have an agenda when they decide to say new world order conspiracy theories are bogus.  We've had American presidents such as George Herbert Walker Bush state from the Oval Office that there would be a new world order, and then much more recently, even vice president Joe Biden has used the phrase[3], and used it in a very telling way.

There is no doubt the Rothschild family is involved in great efforts towards a one world government.  A new world order is their great goal, and as Nathan Rothschild had said, it doesn't matter much who makes laws when the Rothschild family controls the currency, as they by proxy make the laws from the shadows.  

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Forecasts a One World Currency.

How Much Money Is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Worth?

Well, in fact, when you have so much money, so much influence, it is impossible to trace how much wealth a man such as Sir Evelyn de Rothschild actually has.  Of course there are" official documents" to say how much the man is worth, but are we so foolish as to believe them?

I think we all know about hidden assets and bank accounts far far away in Switzerland, and Caribbean islands.

If you were the wealthiest man in the world, would you want it known?  No, no you would not, not if you saw the mayhem in the world, and wished and plotted for more of it in order to consolidate the world under one central power.  Were you that sort of person, you'd have the world believe that Bill Gates, or someone like that, was the world's wealthiest man.

If you search the web for the answer to "how much is Evelyn de Rothschild worth? You will find numerous answers, and all of them based in speculation.  One popular page about celebrity wealth lists Evelyn de Rothschild at worth twenty billion dollars[4].  Another webpage states he purchased Lehman Brothers for ten billion dollars[5]. I've found more speculation claiming Sir Evelyn De Rothschild to be worth 1.5 trillion dollars, and this is probably closest to the truth. It's been said the lies about the Rothschild family are easy to spot, but that truth about them can not be known.  In any case, we know where Sir Evelyn de Rothschild lives, and he lives in his family's ancestral home, Ascott House, in Buckinghamshire, England.

Ascott House, Home Of Evelyn de Rothschild

Ascott House, Home of Evelyn de Rothschild

The Personal Life And Career Of Evelyn de Rothschild

Regarding the personal life of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, very little information is made available.  You can find out a hell of a lot more about persons with a hell of a lot influence on the world.  The Wikipedia page for Mr. Rothschild is rather short, while the Wikipedia page for someone like Bill Gates, is extremely large.

What we do know is that Evelyn was born on August the 29th day of the year 1931, and that he had spent a large portion of his childhood to early adulthood in the USA, where he pursued his passions for beautiful women and fast cars.  Nothing strange about that, except, well, Evelyn surely forever got whatever he wanted from women and had whatever car he could desire to own.  He'd studied at Harrow School, and then Trinity College of Cambridge University; but he left school without ever earning a degree.

You don't need a degree when you are a Rothschild, and the family banking dynasty is already decided to be in your hands.  He didn't take up a job with N.M. Rothschild & Sons until he was twenty six years of age.  Did you notice the "N.M.?"  That stands for Nathan Mayer, the Rothschild who became the poster boy for spouting off proud truths about how he controlled the entire British Empire because HE alone controlled the currency of the British Empire, its issuance, and its volume.

Evelyn's father Victor headed up N.M. Rothschild and sons until he fell ill 1955, and then for a time Evelyn's cousin Victor headed the banking show.  In 1976 Evelyn's time had finally come, and he took up reign as Chairman of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, arguably, the most powerful person on the planet Earth.  

The year 2003 saw Evelyn de Rothschild merge N.M. Rothschild & Sons with the family's French cousins, and he yielded control over it all to his cousin David Rene de Rothschild.  The same year with his third wife, Lynn Forester, he founded E.L. Rothschild, to oversee his personal holdings, the magazine The Economist, and some rather mysterious lot of other enterprises in India.

Evelyn has also been involved in some outright slavery, he oversaw De Beers Consolidated Mines from 1977-1994, De Beers is an African diamond mining operation, and they use human slaves for the mining of their diamonds.  He's also had slightly more upstanding appearing positions, as the head of IBM in the United Kingdom from 1972-1995; which of course, ties him in a way to the Nazis of Germany, as IBM and Hitler were once very close business partners.

Facts are, when you are so wealthy as is Evelyn de Rothschild, you make money off all manner of unethical and murderous things, and you have the ability to remain in the shadows of it all, and just pretend to be a wise businessman.

Evelyn is quite old now, and he may or may not live much longer, but he has three children to show for his time on Earth, besides the hideous amount of wealth, and his children are David Mayer de Rothschild, the rising star of the Rothschild family. and then the two older children, Anthony James de Rothschild, and Jessica de Rothschild.

So who is Evelyn de Rothschild?  Well, that is for you and time to decide.

Thanks for reading.