Vicki Iovine is a former Playboy Playmate. Vicki Iovine was born in 1954 with the name Vicki Ann McCarty. Vicki Iovine was born in Los Angeles, California. Vicki Iovine went on to graduate with honors from the University Of California, Berkeley and also received a law degree from Hastings College Of Law.

In the September 1979 issue of Playboy Vicki Iovine was the Playboy Playmate of the month and was featured in their centerfold that month.

On the hit game show "Wheel Of Fortune" the original letter flipper was Susan Stafford. Her substitute letter flippers included Vicki Iovine and Vanna White. Eventually Vanna white was picked as the permanent letter flipper on the "Wheel Of fortune" game show but Vicki Iovine did work a few episodes as the letter flipper.

Vicki Iovine has played small roles in a handful of movies and TV shows. In 1974 she appeared on an episode of "The Waltons".

In 1995 Vicki Iovine earned the Florence Crittendon Woman of the Year award.

Vicki Iovine ex-husband is Jimmy Iovine who is the co founder of Interscope records. Jimmy Iovine is the person who got Eminems demo tape into the hands of Dr. Dre and made Eminem the best and most famous rapper of all time. Eminem has a song about Jimmy Iovine titled "Jimmy Crack Corn".

Jimmy Iovine is actually her second husband. She was married and divorced once before when she was young and in law school.

Vicki Iovine is a published author. Vicki Iovine is the author of the book "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy".

Vicki Iovine has published many pregnancy advice books for women. Most of these books are wrote with a funny and casual style as if you were sitting at a friends house as she was giving you advice about you first pregnancy.

Vicki Iovine has 4 children all with Jimmy Iovine.

Vicki Iovine has recently released ""A Very Special Christmas 7". " A Very Special Christmas" is a musical collaboration by various artists. All the money raised from the " A Very Special Christmas" albums is used to support the Special Olympics. The first " A Very Special Christmas" album was released in 1987. So far the " A Very Special Christmas" albums have raised over a hundred million dollars for the Special Olympics.

"A Very Special Christmas 7" album which was released in November 2009 has many famous singers including Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Vanessa Hudgens, and Kellie Pickler.

Vicki Iovine is a very intelligent and successful woman who would be a great role model for anyone.