In all of the reality television shows that have the name “Wives” in them, there are a few similarities I found in each. Whether it be Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Mob Wives or Basketball Wives, there always stands a H.B.I.C. In each of these shows.  One pair of claws are always sharper, one mouth is always "filthier" and one hair-pulling hand is always "itchier" than the rest of the Housewives. These women are not the Desperate Housewives but instead the “Wives Bad-Asses”. The question is “Who is your favorite 'Wives Bad-Ass”?

NeNe Leaks

 The first Bad-Ass Housewife is NeNe Leaks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This sassy lady from Atlanta is infamous for her numerous fights with former BFF Kim Zolciak, among other things. She’s a badass who made her marital separation from her husband, public and moved quickly to make a name for herself as a media personality and contestant on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Drita D'Avanzo

The next ‘Wives Bad-Ass is my personal favorite and is the wife to mobster, Lee D’Avanzo. Drita D’Avanzo is from the reality show Mob Wives and is known for her hairpin trigger emotions. Anyone who steps to this fair-haired make-up artist should be prepared for a right hook to the face.

Kyle Richards

Next on the list of Housewives with attitude is Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This mother of four has no problems speaking her mind and spent the entire first season of her show battling with both her sister Kim and Camille Grammar, then wife of Kelsey Grammar. It takes a tough woman to fight with the wife of Frazier!

Caroline Manzo

As catty as the other women are, no one does Housewife Bad-ass better than Caroline Manzo. This over protective mother hen of three children is from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. On her show she is mostly known for her feuds with fellow castmate and “new girl in town” Danielle Staub. This feisty red-head has said on numerous occasions that her family is “thick as thieves”, so don’t mess with her unless you want to go sleeping with the fishes!

Evelyn Lozada

The blonde Boriqua known as Evelyn Lozada is a member of the hit series Basketball Wives and fiancé to Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn is best known for terrorizing fellow Basketball Wife, Suzie Keetcham because of Suzie telling secrets that happened in Las Vegas. Evelyn is so bad-ass, that she had sex with other fellow wife Tami Roman’s ex-husband prior to initially meeting and waited until the end of the season to admit to the betrayal.