If you're looking for women who keep it completely open and honest when it comes to crime, Mob Wives is the show to watch. Forget the women of these “Real House Wives of” shows because Drita, Renee, Karen and Carla are the toughest around. As individuals,these women are connected to men in the mob and the show is a great addition to reality TV. Unlike many of the other shows, Mob Wives openly talks about drugs, sex, crime and mob connections. The question is “who is the toughest of the Mob Wives”?


Drita D'Avanzo(49108)

So if you’ve been watching these past couple episodes of Mob Wives, you know that Drita is a “bad girl”. The most defining quality of a bad girl is being in love with a “bad boy” and in this case, she married Lee D’Avanzo. Lee is currently incarcerated for robbery and Drita admitted on the show that she always had a thing for a tough man on the wrong side of the tracks. Also in these few episodes, this fair-haired fighter has admitted to being exiled by her father and raising two small children by herself. Did I mention that she also boxes?


Karen Gravano

Could Karen be considered the toughest of the Mob Wives? Being the daughter of known snitch Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, has put a target on her back for most of her adult life. After being away from Staten Island for years, Karen comes back to confront all of her past demons, which includes her friendships with Renee and Drita. She plans on releasing a tell-all book that will explore her life as a “mob daughter” and expose many known mobsters and criminals. Now that takes courage.


Renee Graziano

Could the toughest be Renee? This raven-haired force of nature is the self-proclaimed “mob princess” to Anthony Graziano, one of the biggest mobsters ever. Of all the women, Renee is still the most connected to the mob-mentality of life and showed this when she called in her ex-husband to intimidate a man at the bar for being rude to her. No matter who you are, it does say a lot that she can make one phone call and have thugs foaming at the mouth to come to her defense.


Carla Facciolo

Maybe Carla could be the toughest of all the Mob Wives. She’s the only one who had the courage to leave her incarcerated mobster husband in her circle of friends and move on with her life. Just because she is quiet, don’t underestimate her. Quiet or not, she stood up for herself to Renee and showed no fear in the brawl with the other Mob Wives. Always keep an eye on the quiet ones!