For most families, having a washing machine is more of a necessity than a luxury. Yes, you have the option of lugging all your laundry to the laundrette, but the convenience of doing laundry in your own home can't be overestimated. Particularly if you have a young family, or a baby, a washing machine really is useful. And with the lowering prices of electronics, a decent washing machine isn't going to break the bank. Budget models can be had for well under £200, and even a mid-range machine goes for around £300. There is a wide variety of models available to suit every taste and decent mid-range machines aren't hard to come by. Today we're looking at two different brands, Indesit and Candy. Both companies have good reputations for producing quality and reliable appliances. But we wanted to know who comes out on top. To this end, we chose a mid-range machine from each of them to put to the test. For Candy we have the GOF462, and for Indesit we have the IWE7145B. We compared these machines to see just how they differed, and to find out which one is a better buy. If you're looking for a new mid-range machine then read on to find out which of these we recommend.


If, like most households, you have a pre-designated area for a washing machine with a plumbing connection, then the dimensions of the appliance will be part of your purchasing decision. You want your washing machine to physically fit in your house. The Indesit is a standard size model, running 85 cm high, 60 cm wide and around 54 cm deep. The Candy is a little larger than is standard at 59 cm tall, 67 cm wide and 59 cm deep.


A washing machine's capacity is measured in kilos, and refers to the amount of washing you can safely put into one load. The bigger a machine's capacity the more washing you can do at one time, meaning you'll need to run the machine less often and therefore will save on running costs. The Candy has a capacity of six kilos, but the Indesit has a larger seven kilo capacity.

Special Features...

For mid-range machines these two appliances don't actually have many special features. They do both have quick wash and delicate wash settings, however.


When you buy any electronic device it's important to look not just at the initial cost, but also at the running cost, or how much it will cost you in electricity to run the appliance. Electronics are given energy ratings, the better the rating the more economical the appliance is and the less it will cost to run. Both of these machines get excellent A+ ratings, meaning they're extremely economical.


Depending on the retailer both these washing machines run at around £300, which is fairly standard for mid-range machines.

Which is Better?

Given that the Indesit has a larger capacity, we're going to go for that one. Plus, the Indesit is a standard size; the larger Candy machine may be problematic to fit into some kitchens or laundry rooms.

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