Some investments are straight forward. You purchase stock and you get you get a stock certificate; you purchase gold and you get a gold bullion bar. Have you ever considered what you get with you purchase a piece of art? Is art only a picture on a canvas or a print in a frame? What are you really buying?

There are many ways to invest. The two most common investments we make are investments of our money and our time. It is easy to see that when you purchase a piece of art, you are investing your money and you clearly get a tangible product that you can touch, feel or hang on your wall in return. But, if you consider what it takes to create a piece of artwork, you will come to understand that you really got something more valuable and that the buyer is not the only person making an investment.

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Not everyone has the talent to create. Some of us are more analytical or athletically oriented – and that's our given talent. Some of us don't have the patience it takes to develop, nurture and complete a work into its final form – and we are content with that. But for others, the yearning to create lies deep within and it drives them to work long hours in the pursuit of bringing a thought to life.

A true artist doesn't simply sit down each morning and mechanically produce items like cars off an assembly line. Much more is involved before a brush ever touches a canvas or a pencil ever hits a paper. They look to their experiences and surroundings to find a subject worthy of their efforts. They think about the content, the color, the texture and the size. They may sketch a number of ideas before they actually begin to work their craft.

In this way an artist, too, makes a great investment we cannot touch or see when we stand in front of the final product. We do not see the hours, days, weeks or even months of work that goes into their creations. But, in some way, we are attracted to a given piece of artwork and we decide we want to make an investment.

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And before the financial exchange is ever transacted, the artist invests their time, talent and energy in the hope that when they complete their work it will "speak" to someone and they will be able to share a special connection. There are many ways to make an investment. But, when you purchase a piece of art, you have gained something much more valuable than an accessory for your wall and the person on the other side of the transaction has made a great investment, too.