If the shoe fits, wear it! Or so the saying goes. Often the choice of shoe is determined by fashion or how the shoe fits and feels while the person is trying it on in the store. Unfortunately after a couple days use at work or in some activity like power walking or running, you find that you are starting to get shin splints or your back and legs are sore after a few hours. That’s when that great looking shoe or that great deal turns out to be not so great after all.

The problem is that not all shoes are well designed or made for long hours of hard use. Even if you don’t normally have foot or back problems, these can start to develop soon after you start to wear poorly designed shoes. Often injuries caused by choosing the wrong shoe for exercise can take months or even years to clear up.

Running and Walking Shoes

Walking, jogging and running can cause hundreds of pounds of pressure to be applied to the heel of your foot. For your legs and back to properly absorb the impact requires that the foot be properly aligned. Old worn shoes and low quality or improperly designed shoes are unable to keep your feet properly aligned causing the muscles to have to work harder and in time can damage your back.   Higher quality running, walking and jogging shoes are designed to keep your foot aligned as well as absorb much of the impact from this activity.

Many of the high quality orthopedic shoe companies like Aetrex shoes goes a step higher by also allowing the insole to be removed and adjusted to a custom fit for the wearer. These shoes also use higher quality material in their construction than your standard “Off the shelf” running shoe.

Orthopedic Sandals

Life isn’t always about exercise though. Sometimes our feet, legs and back take a beating in just our day to day activities. A full day of shopping means hours spent on concrete or time floors. Several hours of pounding the pavement between isles can do as much damage as those shorter power walks. While a cheap pair of cute sandals may sound good at the beginning of the day you may not be so convinced after a few hours.

Yes, you can buy sandal that use the same high quality standards as exercise shoes. High quality orthopedic sandals often use memory foam to provide that extra touch of comfort. Combine that with the ability to remove and adjust the mid-sole, sole and the top-sole, you get a custom fit sandal that you can use the entire day and still be ready to play that night.

Orthopedic Casual Shoes

No they don’t have to look like grandma's shoes!  High tech shoes are available in many designs like Mary Janes, Clogs and slip-ons. These use the revolutionary memory foam for the ultimate in comfort and combine the latest high tech materials and designs to create stylish casual shoes you can walk in all day.

These casual shoes are also popular for people with foot problems caused by diabetes or other problems who would like to choose a shoe that is comfortable without foregoing style. These shoes have a stretchable material with breathable linings that help protect the foot against fungal or bacterial infections.

So, you have a choice. Buy a shoe you will only use a few times and then leave in the closet because they hurt your back or feet or spend a few more dollars for equally stylish shoes that you will feel great in.