Who is responsible for maintenance in your new apartment home? Many apartment communities will pay for repairs. However, sometimes the renter will have to come out of pocket to fix damages like a non working faucet. One major advantage of living in an apartment home is that renters are not usually responsible for repairs. Here are a few items that most renters need to be aware of.

Routine Maintenance:

Things that fall under this category include light bulbs. Renters are almost always responsible for replacing light-bulbs. However, when you first move in, all lights should be working.

Health and Safety Issues:

If the railing on the balcony is damaged, this may constitute a health or safety issue. Landlords are usually responsible for these sorts of repairs.

The Apartment Lease Agreement:

In most apartment lease contracts, there will be a paragraph or clause that will relate to the maintenance. Many communities will have a clause that states the landlord will only pay for repairs that exceed a certain amount. So if the repairs are minor, chances are you will be paying for them.

If the community you live in has rent control, rules are usually outlined in the agreement who must take responsibility.

If you live in a larger apartment community, there is probably a maintenance crew on-site. They will have experience repairing all types of problems, and will have a supply of parts needed to fix the problems.

They will usually have no problems with your individual apartment repairs. However, if you caused those damages directly, you will be responsible. So if you stained your carpeting or accidentally broke a mirror in the bathroom, you will be assessed fees.

In normal apartment homes, residents will submit a maintenance request. Then repairs are made accordingly. An apartment community with a good track record should make those repairs quickly. It is not a bad idea to do some research and discover if repairs are completed in a timely fashion.