The One person Who won't profit From Your Carbohydrate Food Is YOU!

Carbohydrate Food Can and Often Does Kill People!

Be warned, even a low carbohydrate diet can make you fat.  It all depends on how much carbohydrate food you eat.

How is that possible?[1573]

Your Body automatically converts all carbohydrate food to glucose.  That's nature!  

 If we fight nature we will always end up the losers.  Our body wasn't prepared for diets.  When we diet we alert our body to famine.  When the famine has passed, Nature will make sure all the weight is restored. It will even add a little extra to protect against the next famine.

To your body  carbohydrate food  simply means fuel.  That's because every carbohydrate food you eat is immediately converted to  glucose.   What is Glucose  It is liquid sugar. The stuff everone warns you to avoid as much as possible.  Glucose is the fuel your body will use when you need to spend energy.  To get through a normal day, the average person uses very little fuel.  That's why even a low carbohydrate diet can end up making you fat.

Your body is not designed to store fuel.  At the end of the day, if you haven't spent all the fuel you have acquired from the carbohydrate food you have eaten, your body is forced to convert it to body fat.   That's the type of fat that sticks to your tummy hips and thighs.  it clogs your arteries and nestles around your vital organs.  Body fat is deadly and it can kill you.  It should not be confused with the fat you eat.  Unlike body fat, the fat you eat is digested quickly and easily by your body.  It is a critical component of a healthy diet.  It does not make you fat and it does not harm you.

Because carbohydrate food has only one destiny, you might say that; carbohydrate food = body fat. Because that's how most of it will end up.  It will cause obesity.  It can also cause morbid obesity, type2 diabetes, heart disease, bowel and colon cancer.  This is fat that is will hav  Your body can't store glucose, if you don't use it on the day, it get's converted to fat and stored on your body for the next day.  As you can see, you can accumulate a lot of fat just by eating more carbohydrate food than you can burn for fuel.

Do not believe those who claim some carbohydrate food contains protein.  That  is only possible if the protein is added artificially.  Such artificially derived protein cannot contain any actual value to the body.  But it sure can look re-assuring on a cereal box or a snack bar.  Believe it at your peril.