In this world, there are many different kinds of geeks. My personal favorite kind of geek is into comics. The almighty comic book provided the script to other forms of entertainment like many video games, comic book films, online comics and graphic novels. This article will explore the different artists and entrepreneurs who have contributed vast creativity and hope for geeks across the world.

Stan Lee(48928)Stan Lee(49015)

Comic book creator, writer and executive, Stan Lee is one of the Greek Gods of “Geekdom”. As the creator of many Marvel Comics heroes, he is the innovative mind behind multi-million dollar franchises such as the X-Men, the Hulk, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. His comic book characters have been the source material for numerous costumes on Halloween, prizes in cereal boxes, video games, cartoons, movies and even pez dispensers. Now in his 80s, Stan Lee continues to be a relevant figure in the superhero community and is coined by his phrase “Make mine’s marvel”!

Frank MillerFrank Miller Sin City

Another influential entity in the world of comic books and entertainment is the visionary known as Frank Miller. The Geek Idol himself is best known for his film-noir style of writing and introducing the world to his graphic novels 300, Batman Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. Beyond his these legendary pieces, he has directed Sin City with Robert Rodriguez or produced for 300.

George PerezPerez and the Avengers

The bearded Boriqua himself, George Perez is best known for his outstanding work in comics like the Avengers, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman and the Justice League. This writer/illustrator has won numerous awards for beautifully weaving together complex storylines that have wow and inspired fellow geeks and fans of comics. Titles like Teen Titans and Wonder Woman owe many changes to this comic book legend for providing new spins on already established stories.

Todd McFarlaneSpawn(48909)

Another geek who helped pave the way both artistically and business-wise was Todd McFarlane. This former Marvel writer/illustrator used his success with Spider-Man to helped form Image Comics with other business savvy comic book geeks. Under Image Comics, McFarlane published the anti-superhero named Spawn and used this character to create a successful franchise which included a comic book title, a movie, a cartoon and action figures. This geek is an inspiration for creative individuals everywhere to become an entrepreneur and create opportunities for themselves.

Jim LeeJim Lee's X-Men

The last comic book geek mentioned in this article, is artist, publisher and writer Jim Lee. He (along with Todd McFarlane and others) left Marvel Comics at the height of his popularity and created Image Comics. Lee created numerous franchised characters like Cyber Force and Wild C.A.T.S. and began publishing his original material while still writing for DC comics. Just like McFarlane, he is an inspiration for all geeks to take charge and explore their potential as artists.