If you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, you don't have to pay all of the medical expenses. The owner can have his or her insurance company compensate your losses by filing a Personal Injury lawsuit to recover damages for your case.

Homeowner insurance

If the owner has homeowner insurance, it will compensate for the dog's liability. The coverage is limited to injuries that occurred within the owner's premises.

Generally, homeowner insurance pays up to a maximum of $300,000. The coverage is limited on the following conditions:

1. The policy includes one-time compensation for animal attack.

2. The accident happened within the property of the owner

3. The animal attack hasn't occurred on vehicles

4. The pet is included in the list of domesticated breeds

If your injury falls within any of the above list, some insurance companies will consider you claim; yet reduce the amount that you can receive.

For example, if the homeowner insurance policy excludes Pit Bulls and Rottweilers from the list of domesticated breeds, you may file reconsideration and receive a reduced sum as compensation.

Another example is when the animal attack occurred at the park or through the car's window. You can reassert your claim and receive a percentage of damages, though some insurance companies will totally reject the claim.

Car insurance

If the homeowner insurance refuses to pay the injuries sustained inside or through the car, the owner's car insurance can pay the damages. On special cases, both insurance companies can be held liable and compensate your injuries.

Animal Insurance

After the payment of the homeowner insurance on the first dog bite case, it will no longer pay for any succeeding animal attack. The owner will have to purchase a policy from an insurance company that offers animal coverage. It will compensate for the pet's second attack.

If the three above insurance companies would not process your claim, or the amount offered is insufficient to compensate your serious injuries; you may file a Personal Injury lawsuit.

It allows you to recover damages for your medical expenses, emotional loss, and loss income. It takes a formal court process and requires submission of substantial evidence to prove the liability and negligent act of the owner.

You will have to establish that the owner owes you a duty of care to prevent a potential or known hazard arising from the tending of a pet. Prove that the owner fails to fulfill this duty, causing the accident; leading to your injuries.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles to help you file the lawsuit.