There are tons of websites out there trying to sell fish oil supplements to everyone. There is a lot of research that has gone into the supplements and it does seem that most people would benefit from them for one reason or another. It doesn't mean that everyone should take them (Who Shouldn't Take Fish Oil Supplements). There are certain groups of people who are likely to benefit from taking fish oil more then others. Research adds to this list regularly, but there is a lot of evidence to show that the following groups of people will probably benefit from taking fish oil supplements regularly.

Those Experience Inflammation and/or Pain.
Studies show that at least two of the Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) found in fish oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce inflammation in the body and can help people with any type of the disorder that ends in "itis" including (but not limited to) arthritis, prostatitis, and cystitis. The reduction of inflammation also reduces the pain caused from these issues. In addition to inflammation issues some research suggests that chronic pain can also be reduced with fish oil supplements. Because of these studies and others those experiencing inflammation disorders and/or regular pain should consider taking fish oil supplements. Many people can stop taking their other medications and notice a change in their pain levels in the first week of use.

Those Suffering From Heart Disease or Hypertension.
Fish oil supplements are good for general heart health. Studies have shown that it lowers triglycerides, slows the hardening of the arteries, lowers blood pressure, and helps prevent clots which could cause heart attacks and strokes. All in all, those who have an unhealthy circulatory system could benefit from taking fish oil supplements. In fact, fish oil supplements can lower blood pressure levels several points and as part of a heart healthy diet and exercise it can make a huge difference in your life.

  • Warning: You should never stop taking medication related to heart health suddenly. You shouldn't take fish oil supplements with blood pressure lowering medications. If you are on medications talk to your doctor before you try any natural treatments including fish oil supplements.

Those Suffering From Depression.
While it isn't completely understood and additional research needs to be done, it appears that fish oil supplements help balance out brain chemistry and can be used as a natural anti-depressant for mild cases of depression. In many cases fish oil supplements can be taken with other anti-depressant medications, however you should check with your doctor first.

Those Suffering From ADD, ADHD, and/or Compulsion Disorders.
Other studies show that fish oil supplements can increase concentration and limit the debilitating effects of ADD, ADHD, and compulsion disorders. This can make it easier for people suffering from these conditions to make it through life, hold good jobs, and just have a better handle on life in general. It is also possible that fish oil supplements could do the job without any harmful chemicals or pharmaceuticals. It should be noted that children should only take fish oil supplements with the watchful eye of their doctor. It is possible to overdose on fish oil and cause negative side effects (see The Side Effects of Fish Oil Supplements for more information).

Those Suffering From Learning Disorders.
There are several learning disorders that can also be aided with fish oil supplements. They include dyslexia and dyspraxia. While it isn't completely understood fish oil aids with brain health and function and makes it easier to remember and to concentrate. As such it has a lot of benefits for those who struggle with learning disorders.

Those Suffering From Eye Conditions.
Omega 3 fatty acids have shown to be effective in treating certain eye conditions including but not limited to macular degeneration. The acids are good for overall eye health and can make a huge difference in many cases of eye problems.

Those Suffering From Skin Conditions.
Many people in the population suffer from eczema, psoriasis, itching, redness, skin lesions, rashes, acne, and or dandruff (which is a skin condition of the scalp). The fatty acids in fish oil can provide some relief for many people who have these conditions. It can also heal many of them and reduce the likelihood of additional breakouts.

Those Suffering From Obesity.
Many people argue about how much control those who are overweight or obese have over their weight, but with fish oil supplements it doesn't really matter. Fish oil supplements have been known to help with weight loss and weight management. They are all natural and aren't a diet aid. It isn't like they will make you loose weight without work, but as part of a healthy diet and exercise program they will make it easier for the body to loose weight and get healthier.

Additional Possibilities.
While research is looking into a whole lot of other areas, there appears to be some positive results in a few different areas.
  • Schizophrenia- A lot of research has been done about the results of fish oil supplements on the brain. There seems to be a lot of positive results in aiding people with schizophrenia. Future success could mean a lot to a lot of people and their families.
  • Cancer- Research has shown that fish oil supplements could help people fight certain cancers including: breast, colon, prostrate, and pancreatic cancers. Many doctors are recommending certain cancer patients take fish oil supplements because it could assist in fighting the battle and certainly has a lot of good advantages.
  • Boosting the Immune System- Some early research shows that fish oil supplements may help boost the immune system and even help those with lowered immune system fight common ailments.
  • Insomnia- It is possible that fish oil supplements help balance out chemical issues that cause insomnia. This could mean better sleep as well as increased energy levels.

Research continues to be done showing that this "wonder pill" really does have a lot of advantages and should be taken by a lot of people. Over all fish oil supplements have a lot of benefits for the population. There are a few things that should be considered. First you should make sure you aren't in the group Who Shouldn't Take Fish Oil Supplements. If you are taking any medication you should always talk to your doctor before adding a supplement, quitting your current medications, or any other alternative treatments. It is a good idea that all people check with their doctor before adding any supplement (vitamin or herbal treatment). In some cases supplements can react with medications, shouldn't be taken, or their use should be monitored by a doctor. Make sure it isn't you!