Evidence shows that there are a lot of heath advantages that come from taking fish oil supplements (The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements). However, with many supplements there is a portion of the population that shouldn't take it. These people should be very cautious when looking to consume fish oil. They should always talk to their doctor before adding fish oil supplements to their daily lifestyle (though it should be noted that it is highly recommended for all persons to talk to their doctor before starting any supplement). For some, fish oil's disadvantages highly out weight the advantages.

There are some people who are either allergic or have a sensitivity to fish. They can have a wide range of reactions including stomach upset, hives, and even aliphatic shock. These people shouldn't consume fish oil supplements because they are indeed made from fish and it is likely that their sensitivity will continue and include the supplement themselves.

Low Blood Pressure.
The next group of people who should never consume fish oil are those with low blood pressure. One of the side effects of fish oil supplements is lowering of the blood pressure. For many this side effect can be an advantage (some even a huge advantage), however if you already have low blood pressure then fish oil supplements can drop it below safe levels and even cause major problems. If you have low blood pressure avoid taking a fish oil supplement.

Blood Pressure Medications.
Those who are on blood pressure medications also shouldn't take fish oil supplements. These supplements could react with your medication, but even more likely is that the blood pressure medications and the fish oil supplements can cause your blood pressure to become too low. If you are interested in trying fish oil supplements as a treatment for your blood pressure then you should discuss the option with your doctor. Never just stop taking blood pressure medication. This can cause heart attacks, arrhythmia's, and other serious issues. You should also never switch from blood pressure medication to the supplement without talking to your doctor and making a plan for better health.

High Cholesterol.
Fish oil supplements can raise your Lipoproteins (bad cholesterol). This can be very undesirable for those with high cholesterol. Therefore fish oil supplements aren't recommended very often for those who have high cholesterol. There is some evidence that it also raises your good cholesterol levels, which means that it might be something that works well for you, but shouldn't be a decision you make on your own. If you are wanting to take the supplement discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your doctor.

The research for diabetics is rather confusing. Some studies suggest that fish oil supplements can increase blood sugar levels in those that struggle to maintain their blood sugar in the normal range. Other research suggests that these levels balance out after a short period of time using the fish oil supplements. Often times sites that are trying to sell fish oil supplements recommend that diabetics take it for various advantages, however this can be dangerous. It is a good idea that diabetics talk with their doctors before making any decisions about fish oil supplements.

Many people think that it is a great idea to give their children fish oil supplements, after all it has a lot of health benefits that you can get your children hooked up to early. However, the real problem is that dosing fish oil supplements (and many other supplements) isn't easy to do. This is especially complicated for a young child and low weights. You could easily give your child too much fish oil causing negative side effects on accident.

Additionally, while research suggests that the heavy metal toxins in the fish are removed during the process to obtain the oil, there is still some risk. For the average adult this isn't a problem and the low levels of toxins don't cause a danger. However, for children there is a danger and a larger chance that you can cause illness and heavy metal poisoning from fish oil supplements.

Many sites suggest giving your children fish oil supplements for the health advantages. However, it can be dangerous and should never be done without the assistance of your child's doctor.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women.
Many people highly recommend that pregnant women and breastfeeding women consume fish oil supplements. After all, the Omega 3's these supplements provide are good for brain development and it would seem that the perfect time to get them to your child would be while you are pregnant and breastfeeding. However, the danger of heavy metal toxins that can be a problem for children can also be a problem while you are pregnant and or breastfeeding. Therefore, if you are looking at using the supplement for helping the brain development of your child you should talk to your doctor and your baby's doctor before you begin.

Abnormal Heart Rhythms.
Some research shows that those with abnormal heart rhythms could benefit from fish oil supplements, however other research suggests that it could cause additional problems and could even lead to cardiac arrest. Therefore it is best if those with abnormal heart rhythms simply avoid fish oil supplements.

No matter what type of medication you are on you should always talk to your doctor before beginning any supplement or alternative medicine. It can be dangerous to mix pharmaceuticals with supplements and other natural treatments. Even the safest of herbal remedies can cause issues with medication. Be safe and make sure you can mix your medications with your supplements and herbal treatments.

Generally Regarded As Safe.
The National Institute of Health has released a statement that says low doses of fish oil supplements are "generally regarded as safe". With this statement comes no definition of "low doses" nor does the statement "generally regarded as safe" make it something that everyone should do. Instead of believing that "everyone will benefit from taking fish oil" you should be careful if you fall into one of these groups.

While fish oil supplements have a lot of benefits, they really aren't for everyone. It is a good idea to do your research, talk to your doctor, and make your decision as one that is truly informed. It is a good idea to avoid websites that are geared toward selling you fish oil supplements since this can be a profitable business option and many people will tell you anything to get you to buy their product. You should also avoid blog posts that have links to sites where you can buy it. Instead stick with medical websites, articles (such as this one) that share both the good sides and the bad, and your doctor for information. Yes, fish oil supplements can be wonderful, but they can also be bad for certain portions of the population.