Pippa MiddletonCredit: Google ImagesCredit: Google Images

             On April 29, during the starting moments of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton we all took notice of another young woman.  Pippa Middleton, dressed in a very revealing white dress of her own seemed to have stolen the spotlight.   She stepped out of her car and into hearts of millions.  Instead of being remembered as the Maid of Honor she is remembered as the “It Girl” at the wedding.

            Pippa is the younger sister of Kate Middleton and is well known for her exploits as a party girl.  A self made socialite of sorts.  She is a reminder of the Paris Hilton days gone by, where you could become famous for appearing in clubs and partying all night.  Because of the romance that we all seem to have with royalty, she has become somewhat of an overnight sensation.  According to Wikipedia, in 2012 Pippa was voted as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine.  She had also been named previously by Tattler magazine as the number 1 society singleton.

            But who the heck is Pippa?  Pippa was born in England in 1983 to Michael and Carol Middleton. She was educated at the University of Edinburg where she studied English Literature and made many royal friends.  One of her close royal friends was George Percy the son and heir of the Duke of Northumberland and Lord Edward Innesker.   After college she and Kate shared an apartment in London.  She later went to work at a party planning company called “Table Talk.”  While Kate was quiet and more subdued, Pippa was always the more outgoing.   Her parents own a party supply company and are  hopeful that she will take more of an active role at some point in running the company. 

            Pippa has been linked to several high powered men. 

  1.  She recently broke off her relationship with London banker Alex Loudon. 
  2. Charlie Gilkes, one of her Edinburg University classmates.
  3. Nightclub owner Guy Pelly.
  4.  Scottish aristocrat Billy Moore Nesbitt
  5. Diamond heir Simon Youngman
  6.  Millionaire wealth manager Alexander Spencer-Churchill
  7. Prince Harry

        What makes her so appealing is the same thing that made Princess Diana so appealing after her divorce from Prince Charles.  Men tend to always be more attracted to the woman that others find attractive as well.  She is currently the woman that is in the spotlight, which makes her the woman that everyone wants to have on their arm.

        Why do we pay so much attention to Pippa?  Celebrity’s lives often take us out of our somewhat ordinary lives and propel us to a place that most of us can only imagine.  Pippa makes us all believe that anything is possible.