Beer Pong 

No seriously who actually wants to play beer pong? You definitely won't just be settling for a silly old game of beer pong after reading this article, after all who doesn't love a good challenge?

For the sake of all those new to drinking games I will explain a little bit about was is arguable one of the greatest games ever invented by intoxicated students. Those of you who can honestly say they have won a game or two, feel free to jump down to "Awesome Variations".


What is beer pong?

Beer Pong Table

Ah beer pong, a true sport in itself requiring a great amount of skill, natural talent, tremendous amounts of practice... or just blind luck mixed with mediocre hand eye coordination.

The game typically consists of two teams, each team having two players with each player having at least 3 cups. Each team gets a side of a long rectangular table, where the players cups are placed in a triangle fashion. Then depending on how to the game is played locally each team will take turns throwing two balls into the opponent teams cups. The game continues until all are gone from one side.





Shooting The Ball

Beer Pong Shot

* Be Careful not to fully extend your arm over the table!

Traditional Rules  

Given the number of variations on the game and the number of outlandish rules created while intoxicated I will explain the "general rules" of beer pong.

- If a players elbow extends over the table while shooting, the ball is forfeit

- If a ball enters a cup, it must be drank before the ball can be shot again

- A cup cannot be moved until both players have thrown

- If both players get the same cup, 3 must be drank and balls returned

- If both players get there shot in, the 2 must be drank and balls returned

- An air ball requires all balls to be forfeited to other team

            - Definition: Any ball completely missing the table/cups

- Once one team has lost all of there cups they get two redemption shots

            - Rule exception: If one cup is left and the opposing team gets a shot which is worth more than 1 cup

- If a redemption shot is landed the game continues and one cup is put back

- Cups can be rearranged once if there is less than 4, under the discretion of opposing team

- If the opposing team attempts to alter the balls path, a cup must be drank

            - Rule exception: If a ball bounces off the main table it may be caught/hit away

- Pre-Announced trick shots (for approval by crowd) count as 2

            - Rule exception: Bounce shots do not need to be announced

- Bouncing from one cup into another does not count as a trick shot unless pre-announced

            - Rule exception: A "Spinner" that has been launched out of one into another

- A "Spinner" can be blown/flicked out as long as it has not touched the liquid

- Trick shots cannot by intervened on unless a bounce shot

            - Rule exception: If ricocheting a ball of multiple objects, the ball gets one bounce             off main table without intervention of other team

- A ball that has rolled back across the centerline on the table, regardless if it is on the table may be re-shot if it is captured before the other team. This however must be a trick shot and is only worth 1.

            - Rule exception: If ricocheting off two or more surfaces it will be counted as 2

- Any cups knocked over must be refilled and put back in the game or disregarded under the discretion of opposing team


Beer Pong Variations!

All the following games will follow the above "Traditional Rules" unless stated otherwise


Ultimate Beer Pong

A game for the well experienced and daring, not to played by light weights or first timers

- Cup count drastically increased on both sides, typically by adding 6 cups

- Air balls result in a shot of straight liquor, no cups removed

- Spinners cannot be moved

- No rearrange

- No substitutions



A re-enactment of the USA-Vietnam war 

Team USA

Team Vietnam

- 6 half filled cups

- Traditional Triangle

- If a cup is drank, it must be refilled

(USA's large amounts of re-enforcements)

- All shots only count as 1

- 6 full cups

- Can be placed anywhere on your half of table

(Vietnams untraditional gorilla warfare)

- Trick shots still count

As you may have guessed it is impossible for Team USA to loose, however Team Vietnam sure can inflict a lot of damage of there livers before going down.


Wormhole Pong

A game that requires accuracy .

- Each team has additional one cup that is visibly different (Usually a darker beer)

- If a ball lands in the "wormhole cup" then teams must switch sides

- Wormhole cup can be moved once per turn

- Wormhole cup can swap places with other cups


Flip Pong

A game for when everyone is too impaired to flip a cup.

- Traditional rules

- Once a cup has been drank the ball is returned to shooter

- While the player is attempting to flip the cup the original shooter can continue to shoot

- The shooter can alternate between shooting and hitting the cup attempting to be flipped