The other night I was talking with a friend about my own fitness goals. My friend had asked me "who would you pick to be your trainer? Jillian or Bob"? I didn't even have to think about this for a millisecond. I pick Jillian!

Why would I pick Jillian over Bob? Well, I am not going by Jillian's track record on the show in which she has actually trained the winner for every season she has been on the show although that would be an initial motivation for any contestant that has to choose between the two trainers. The contestants want the money and they want the win!

But I would pick Jillian for something more than helping me win the game. I would want her to help me win the body I've always dreamed of. The body that I can be 100% proud of. I want Jillian Michaels' body. Just look at her! She has a very low bodyfat, she doesn't have veins popping out of her arms or neck like some female body builders do. She is still shaped like a woman but super tight and lean looking. That is unbelievably sexy.

Now look at Bob. Yes, Bob Harper has a kind old soul and he always has positive energy (except for the time he lost it with Joelle; which made nearly laugh into tears). But the main thing about Bob is that Bob would push me but he wouldn't push me towards the body I want. Look at Bob's physique. Sure Bob is lean bit he has no real muscle. He doesn't have a defined chest or even slight detection of a 6 pack. His arms look as though they belong to pilates instructor rather than a physical trainer. And arms are usually the first thing men want to pump up! In all seriousness, bob has nothing on Jillian when it comes to weight training. Bob seems to be more about the cardio aspect of losing weight and not so much into the weight training aspect.

Jillian seems to be more my type of trainer. She's pushes herself like she pushes those The biggest Loser contestants. Jillian Michaels book features information on clean eating and really allows you have further respect for her as a trainer. She actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about. Her book also outlines the Jillian diet. There is no more mystery or guess work with how to achieve big results that the Biggest Loser season seems to edit out. Jillian is the winner!