Who Woulda’ Thunk’

Because I am likely a little older than most of you that are reading this I probably remember things that you haven’t ever considered. One thing that I will mention in a minute I’m sure will surprise you.

In the early 1950’s Television was introduced to the general public. It was expensive and many people (especially radio listeners) said “it won’t ever catch on. Nobody will watch that little box with pictures in it.” Of course that wasn’t the case and an entire generation grew up from that time until now watching far too much T.V. each day. Most people don’t even remember a time when there wasn’t a T.V. (or three) in the house. I do remember those days though because at the time when T.V. was introduced it was very expensive and unless your family was wealthy you simply couldn’t afford to have one. Oftentimes neighbors would gather at “the rich people’s house” and watch T.V. with them while enjoying popcorn etc. It was a party atmosphere. Of course that has changed now and if you don’t have a T.V. in your living room, bedroom, family room, game room, great room and even your bathroom you just aren’t living.

My family was poor when I was growing up. We didn’t have a television and didn’t know anybody that had one. We learned about this wonderful invention that was all the rage without having ever seen one other than in the window of the local department store. Did it bother us? No, not really. We had lives to live, jobs to go to each day and families to bring up. Eventually though the price came down on the sets so most anyone could afford one.

So what happened to society when it became the norm rather than the exception to own a television? Society took a dive into a never ending, and seemingly hopeless situation of mindless existence. How sad. No longer did we have to do our own thinking. It was done for us. Family life was portrayed as perfect (remember Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver.) We forgot what life was really like. Our imaginations began to fade and, without our realizing it, we became zombies with no, or little, desire to go out into the world and learn anything new for ourselves.

Through the years, as programs began to advance into the modern-day era, we were bombarded by all sorts of issues that we never had to deal with before. It was okay to divorce. It was okay to cheat, lie, steal and mistreat your friends. It was okay to listen to offensive lyrics of songs and to watch videos that depicted all sorts of depravity. And what did we do about it, absolutely nothing. We just sat by and accepted it.

An entire generation was lost to MTV. We now watch shows that are billed as “reality T.V. which are so far from reality that we should be ashamed of ourselves for even watching. And we wonder, as adults, what has happened to our society. Well DUH!

Let me tell you now about the Magic Button I mentioned in the headline of this article. It is called the ON BUTTON. We get up in the morning, push the ON BUTON and then go about our day with this mindless “entertainment” filling our heads and stealing our valuable time. We don’t even give it a second thought. But what has it really done as it relates to how we live our lives and advance through life? Most importantly it has robbed us of our willingness to learn. We now believe most if not everything that is presented as fact on the programs we watch. Elections are run through our T.V. rather than our going to sources we trust and deciding for ourselves what is truth and what isn’t. Unless you are able to advertise on T.V. your business won’t succeed…or so we’re told. It’s all a bunch of bunk!

So what is the solution to the ON BUTTON? Well, here is the hidden secret you’ve read this far to get to. It is called THE OFF BUTTON! If you’re willing to push the OFF BUTTON on your Television an entire new world will open up to you. Amazingly enough you will discover that you have a brain and that it still works. Your business will thrive because you will have time to actually think about what is important and worthy of your time. You’ll find that you have original ideas that produce income and you didn’t even have to hear about it from anybody else! Whew, what a relief!

So, the next time you become frustrated over the fact that you just aren’t getting ahead in life, that your business isn’t doing as well as you had hoped or that your family just doesn’t seem to be close… do this one thing:


I hope it has opened some eyes.  . I’m still learning too. And yes, I have learned to hit the Off BUTTON myself. Guess what? The grass is green, books are getting  read that I bought  months ago and my family actually wants to go on a vacation.