Subcultures exist within most majority cultures and we pretty much take them for granted. Members of subcultures tend to avoid mainstream views, ideas and perspectives. People belonging to these different subcultures, do however mostly identify with a group who shares a similar world view, mode of dress, hairstyles, and perhaps musical taste.

Although these subcultures and stereotypes may be over generalized and simplistic, arising from pejorative attitudes of people outside these groups, there is never the less a grain of truth in these perceptions, despite the over simplification.

So without further ado lets meet some of the theses different people.


CybergothCredit: wikipedia

Cybergoth subculture is an amalgamation of: cyberpunk, goth, raver and rivet-head fashion. The name 'Cybergoth' was created in 1988 by a board games developer, for their roleplaying game Dark Future. However it was not until about ten years later, that the cybergoth style began to emerge, with its black goth styled clothing, teamed with fluro colours and reflective shiny fabrics.

You may see some cybergoth's wearing gas masks or doctor's masks, as a kind of fetish item. A lot of cybergoth's also wear synthetic dreadlocks and neon plastic tubing in their hair. Multiple body piercings are also common. Cybergoths are also into electronic dance music and can be found hanging out at certain clubs, where their favourite music plays. 


HipstersCredit: Flickr the-toe-stubber

The term 'hipster' was used during the jazz age, to describe people who followed the jazz scene. The term, as it is used today however, has different coronations, but few seem to agree exactly what a hipster is. Generally however, hipster's tend to be independent thinkers, whose politics is mostly to the left of centre. They are educated, intelligent and have a knowledge and appreciation of art and culture. Hipsters mostly reject 'dumbed down' mainstream culture, preferring independent music, and publications. Hipsters often care about the environment, they are creative, and like buying second-hand and vintage clothes, and household items. Hipster's however, never admit to being a hipster.  

New Agers

New AgeCredit: Flickr treehouse 1977

Followers of the New Age movement, usually believe in competing, contradicting ideas, gleaned from a variety of religions and social movements. Followers are in favour of a fuzzy type of spiritualism, which encompasses many ideas like: psychic phenomena, metaphysical traditions, paganism, astrology, chiropractor's, homeopathy, crystals, dolphins, fengi shui etc, etc. New Agers seem to distrust anything which is evidence based, but can still be found using computers and driving cars.

Many New Age devotees will go on about the messages they receive from the universe and how they are only interested in the 'positive'. Often New Agers won't watch the news, because it may upset 'them'. Books favoured by this group, are written by such people as: Eckhart Tolle, James Redfield or perhaps Deepak Chopra.  Self absorption and devotion to a whole slew of borrowed ideas, seems to be the main credentials.

Redneck's, Bogan's or Chav's

RedneckCredit: Flickr josephleenovak

The above terms are derogatory slang words to describe certain uneducated and unsophisticated groups residing in different English-speaking countries. In America, the preferred term of 'redneck', describes bigoted, conservative and generally uneducated loutish types, who often dislike foreigners. They tend to see ideas and people outside their own narrow subculture, as threatening. A very simplistic style of patriotism is also often practiced.

In Australia, the term 'bogan' is used to describe a similar group of people to the 'rednecks'. Favouring certain cars like utes, and souped up Fords or Holden's, the male usually sports a flannelette shirt or AC/DC T-shirt.  Women are often rough and sun damaged, but wear revealing, tight outfits and cheap thongs. They often have many children by different fathers. Bogan's like rednecks, are naively patriotic, with Southern Cross tatoo's prominently displayed.

ChavCredit: Flickr jOhncooke

The word 'chav' is used throughout Britain, to describe working class young people, who fit into a certain stereotype; wearing particular designer sportswear, with large logos and plenty of 'bling'.  This subculture has however, given the 'Burberry' fashion label plenty of headaches, with their enthusiasm for wearing counterfeit copies of this brand.

Many claim that snobbery and 'classism', is behind the pejorative terms 'redneck', 'bogan' and 'chav'.


EmoCredit: Flickr Timothyj

The emo subculture, is popular amongst angst filled teenagers. This group will often dye their hair black, wear dark colours and ultra skinny jeans. They can be found listening to over emotional, high-pitched singing voices, keening about the fact, that nobody understands them. Hair styles are odd, with lots of dyed black hair swept to one side, covering one or both eyes. Emo's often seem ultra sensitive or depressed.



SurfersCredit: Flckr Dan Zen

The 'surfer' can be commonly found around beach areas; guys wearing board shorts, with brand names like: Billabong, Kuta Lines, Quiksilver and Rip Curl.  Beach babes like their Oakley sun glasses and Roxy bikini's.

Protective of their surf territory, surfers are however mostly peaceful types, with long sun bleached hair. They can be heard saying such words as: 'dude', 'awesome', 'radical' and 'stoked'. A lot of surfers listen to Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, who were former professional surfers.

Queen Bee

Queen BeeCredit: wikipedia

Queen Bees are usually the 'leader of the pack'. They are often called 'diva's', because of their high self-esteem, bratish behaviour and tendency to be manipulative, and bullying, if they don't get their own way. Queen Bees are evident at school and in the work place, where they generally see other girls or women as possible competitors, but inferiors.

Sycophants rush to serve and imitate Queen Bees, forming cliques, with definite boundaries. Queen Bees are either hated or envied; seldom are they loved.


A lot of these subcultures and stereotypes are useful ways of identifying others. However we must always realise, that simplifying individuals in such ways, does them an injustice. And essentially, such sterotypes and definitions often seem to be derived from dominant, collective group beliefs, branding and simplfying others, who happen to be different and outside that particular group.

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