Shaycarl and the Shaytards

If you have ever heard someone mention the Shaytards, you probably asked "Who are the Shaytards?" In short, the Shaytards are a family from Idaho that has made daily video blogs (vlogs) of their life for over two years and posted them on their Shaytards YouTube channel.


They have tried to keep their personal identities anonymous as much as possible, so the pseudonym of the family is the Shaytards and each member of the family has a screen name that they use in their videos. The members of the family are:

  • ShayCarl, sometimes referred to as Daddytard
  • Mommytard, sometimes referred to as Katilette
  • Sontard, he loves to dance and is smooth with the ladies (he's 7 years old)
  • Princesstard, she does gymnastics and loves the camera
  • Babytard, her picture is on the cover of James Blunt's new album "Some Kind of Trouble"
  • Rocktard, he has been on the videos since he was born in June 2010

ShayCarl and he has his own YouTube Channel ( and Mommytard has her own channel as well ( These two channels are in addition to their main Shaytards Channel

Along with the core Shaytard family, Shay's sister, Carlie and her son Cooper live with the family. They are on the videos every once in a while as well as other extended family members that live in the same area.

The Shaytards' YouTube channel has seen huge success, building a very loyal fan base with over 800,000 subscribers. Their daily videos regularly get over 500,000 views. As a YouTube partner they make money from ads displayed around the videos. This has allowed the family to live off of the income made from their daily vlogs, which has been a very inspiring story for many other aspiring YouTube vloggers.

Besides being famous on YouTube, they have received recognition from mainstream stars. For example, James Blunt decided to use a picture of Shay throwing Babytard into the air on his most recent album. As I type this article in April 2011, the entire Shaytard family is in New York at a James Blunt concert to meet him in person. Also, Shay was asked to make a guest star apperance on the ABC show "No Ordinary Family."

There have been many other things done by Shaytards fans including songs, videos, paintings, fanclub websites and online stores. These things just go to show how dedicated the fans are. Many times, when the family travels, there will be fans waiting for them at the airport to see them. So if you run into a Shaytards fan, you can be familiar with what they are talking about.