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Who is Georgette Heyer?

People I talk to either know who this beloved English author is or they do not. This is surprising to me as Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) wrote of over 50 romance novels and continues to be a best-selling author of Regency romances. It is even more of a shock to hear some used book store owners, who are meant to specialize in rare and valuable books, say that they are unfamiliar with Georgette Heyer or her historical fiction books.

However, even, who recently highlighted the British author with a feature post on their website, similarly asserts that Georgette Heyer is generally known only to historical romance aficionados.

Their post entitled, Georgette Who? Meet the Author Who Outsells Rowling, Dickens & Patterson, also credits Georgette Heyer as being one of their top 10 bestselling authors for the 15 years their company has been in business.  ABEBooks also reports that they once sold a copy of one of Heyer’s mystery thrillers for just under $2,500.

Georgette Heyer novels can found in many formats (hardcover, paperback, Audio CD and e-books, etc). Newer Kindle titles of this author’s many books are now also selling on Amazon. Readers wishing to discover a new author can download a Georgette Heyer e-book for $1.99. Georgette Heyer’s e-book titles on Kindle range in price from $.99 cents to $9.99. 

Two Heyer titles recently released on Kindle are presently ranking among the top 20 of the 100 featured e-books now appearing in the section entitled New Hot New Releases in Historical Fiction on  Three Georgette Heyer e-book titles also hold positions in the top 50 of 100 slots for the Top Rated e-book titles also listed in the historical fiction category.

In the last two years, four popular Heyer titles were also recorded on CD. Three titles Sylvester Or the Wicked Uncle, Venetia and The Convenient Marriage have all been narrated and read by British actor Richard Armitage, who narrates these books especially well. Here's a short sample audio clip of Sylvester Or the Wicked Uncle.

An Introduction
Who Is Georgette Heyer?Credit: Edmund Blair Leighton - On the Threshold - U.S. Public Domain image as stated by WikimediaIf Georgette Heyer is indeed an author you have not read or have never heard of before, an introduction is overdue. This is especially true if you enjoy reading well-written stories, like romance novels, delight in intriguing plots, favor smart and engaging characters and revel in witty and brilliant dialogue.
Georgette Heyer’s books are full of intelligent comedy and her novels feature love stories (that are neither sappy nor salacious). 

Heyer’s books also give her historical romance readers romance stories set in London during the Regency Era and period-drama lovers  immensely interesting and detailed facts about Regency life and its society.
For those readers not yet acquainted with Georgette Heyer, she is primarily known for having written Regency romance novels. She also wrote nearly a dozen crime novels. Most readers prefer her historical romances over her detective mysteries. Most often, Georgette Heyer is compared to Jane Austen. She is regarded as a top romance writer and noted as one of the best historical fiction authors. One of her books, An Infamous Army is a required reading for its detailed account of the Battle of Waterloo at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) in England.

Born in London, Georgette Heyer was of Russian descent. She began writing at the age of 19 initially to amuse a beloved brother during an illness he endured. Her first novel The Black Moth was published in 1921.  This book now exists in the public domain and it can be read online in its entirety.

Georgette Heyer has charmed fans around the world with her delightful stories and captivating heroines and heroes. Her books are still in print and available for sale worldwide.

Georgette Heyer distinguished herself by the accuracy and amount of research she collected, recorded and abundantly presented in her novels. It is accepted that no other author is more knowledgeable of the Regency Era than Georgette Heyer. Few writers also demonstrate the rare talent of drawing their readers as deeply into the lives of their characters or so successfully as Georgette Heyer does in her books and with her writing.

In her lifetime, Georgette Heyer’s novels sold quite well and without the help of any PR or publicity. As Georgette Heyer was an extremely private person, she refused to allow any kind of promotion to sell her books. Prior to her death, only a single photo of her publicly existed in print. It can be found on the back of the dust jacket for the first U.S. edition of Sprig Muslin.

Georgette Heyer fans include Steven Fry, J.K. Rowling,  Noël Coward, Margaret Drabble and other noted novelists and personalities.

Coming soon is a much-anticipated new biography of Georgette Heyer written by Jennifer Kloester, who has been given the most access to Heyer’s personal research materials, notebooks and letters. New revelations and new unseen photos will be included in this book. Details about Barbara Cartland's plagiarism of Heyer's work will also finally be disclosed. Cartland had previously never been named publicly as the author who had copied Heyer’s work. The Georgette Heyer biography goes on sale in the UK in October 2011. A plan is in the works to publish the book in the U.S. in 2012.

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