Who is Karl Pilkington? Apart from being my hero, Karl Pilkington is the bald, manc twat that was ‘discovered’ by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant when he was a producer at London radio statio Xfm in the early 2000’s. Since meeting Ricky and Steve, Karl has remined close friends and is involved in a mumber of projects with the pair. Despite popular opinion, Karl is not an actor nor is he completely devoid of a brain. He lives with his girlfriend Suzanne Whiston in London an Surrey and is reportedly starting a production company with Gervais.  

Karl was born in 1972 and has since been wondering. Ricky Gervais took a liking to Karl at Xfm as he thought Karl was the most unusual and dimmest person he’d ever met. Since this fortuitous meeting, Karl has continued to sponge off Ricky and today is the star of the TV series An Idiot Abroad  and also has made many podcasts with the pair most notably the iTunes bestseller ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’ series. This podcast has also been made into an animated HBO series entitled, Ricky Gervais Show: Complete First Season which further highlights Karl’s stupidity and unusual outlook on the world.

From the early days on Xfm, Ricky and Steve began encouraging Karl to speak more an more on air as the stuff he was saying during the ad breaks and songs were such ‘gold’. At one stage of their career, Ricky and Steve even placed a ban on themselves for seeing or speaking to Karl during the week as too much material was being talked about and wasted before the Saturday afternoon broadcast. As Karl became more confident and comfortable with talking on air, he took over the broadcast (at the poking of the others) and his stories which were originally broadcast on these radio shows have since become folklore and repeated many times throughout the trios career.

Karl was born with an extremely spherical head and this has been the target of many jokes over the years by Gervais and Merchant. Karl says that his bald head has ‘made me stronger’, a reference to the distress Gervais and Merchant have caused most notably Gervais’ obsession with squeezing it - both front to back and side to side methods. On one occasion, Pilkington swears that he heard something ‘crack’.

Karl is very much the reluctant celebrity and has gone to great lengths to avoid the spotlight despite Gervais’ worldwide campaign to get random people yelling out to Karl in the street, mainly to tell him that he has a ‘head like a f******g orange!’

Karl is known for his ridiculous stories. These include:

1.  The kids with big heads at Karl’s school that never talked to each other.
2.  Karl’s neighbours on the estate who kept a horse in their lounge room.
3.  Karl’s theory that you can ‘become rough’ if you have an improper upbringing - a reference to an observation by Karl of a rough woman on his estate who had a ‘beautiful baby’ only to have this child within a few years begin to look ‘rough’, staying out late and chasing cars.
4.  As a child, Karl lived on a main road and got through ‘plenty of cats’
5.  The story of Karl’s brother driving a tank down the street to pick up some cigarettes.

Most notable quotes:

1.  “What are the things in Gremlins called?”
2.  “That bloke who was sat in the spaceship on the moon while the other fellas went to some other planet must have been.....the most loneliest man in the world”
3.  “How would I know which one I was” in reference to Gervais saying what would he do if he met his doppelganger.
4.   “Stay green, stay in the woods and stay safe”