Deep Inside He Is Nothing But a Sweet Brat

The Youngest of Eleven Was Bound to Stand for Trouble

On February 17, 2012, Stephen Colbert pulled the plug temporarily on his show "The Colbert Report" and fled to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, to look after his mother Lorna, soon to be 92 years old.

The creator of "truthiness" in 2005, selected by the American Dialect Society as Word of the Year, the keen satirical tongue who managed to make a an alter ego out of himself, didn't think it twice to put his production to a halt to look after whom he describes as a saint.

One doesn't get to see this soft side of Colbert, the rowdy character that shocks and awe both followers and detractors of "The Colbert Report".  Since he plays a character using his own name, it is difficult to pinpoint where does the person ends and the character starts.  Better yet, what does he want to achieve? Where is he going with this?

Let's start by looking at where he came from.

From Shy to Fly

From a Quiet Teenager to Nobody Stops Him!

Stephen Tyrone Colbert was born in May 13, 1964 in Washington D.C. He grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended the Charleston Private School.

On September 11, 1974, when he was ten years of age, he suffered the loss of his father and two of his 10 siblings  in a plane crash.  His father was a physician named James William Colbert, Jr.

He had quite a shy personality as a teenager, until he discovered he was funny.  In 1986 he attained his theater degree.  After many auditions he finally landed a gig in Exit 57 a segment in Comedy Central. This was short lived but secured him a job as a writer with Saturday Night Live for the 1996-1997 season.  Then he worked briefly in Good Morning America.  He didn't like that stiff job as a correspondent anyhow.

The Daily Show, Let The Good Times Roll!

He did like his job at The Daily Show where he started probably recruited by Jon Stewart as they already started a close friendship during their time at Comedy Central.  He later admitted on taking on Bill O'Reilly demeanor in creating this personna of the poorly informed serious reporter that would give the facts exactly how he saw them.

During eight years, from 1997 to 2005, Colbert created segments in which he interviewed both ordinary and high profile characters with an irreverent style and keeping a straight face.

In 2005 he stepped up to the real spotlight with his own show The Colbert Report. Here he gave a definite personality to his character, as he describes it: "Well intentioned, poorly informed, high status idiot".

His mother Lorna said in an interview he doesn't allow his children to watch his show.

What's That?

Stephen Colbert is Deaf in His Right Ear: The Key to His Success?

Stephen Colbert President of Sanity
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An Ongoing Rally Against Stupidity

Fighting Democracy Within Bureaucracy

This avid science-fiction reader capitalized on an audience that longed for someone to call out the obvious in the mainstream media.  Anybody that would declare the Emperor is naked.

In October 30, 2010 he joined Jon Stewart in a Rally to Restore Sanity at the National Mall.  They sold it as day of no particular importance, as a Woodstock but without the drugs and the nudity. Tens of thousands attended along with a long list of high profiled celebrities.

In September 2011 Colbert testified before the Subcommittee on Immigration Citizenship and Border Security.  He related his experience as a migrant farm worker for a day.  "We want our fruit picked by an American, sliced by a Guatemalan, served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian".  Before Colbert even started his satirical dissertation, Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), Judiciary Committee Chairman, asked him to leave the premises so he could give a chance to the next deponents.  Colbert explained he was there by invitation, so they allowed him to proceed.

Modern History: A Presidential Bash

This Needs to be Part of Our Revised History Books

Colbert for President? Nah!

Maybe We Know He Wants To...

On October 15, 2007, Stephen Colbert announced in his show his intention to run for President (of South Carolina).  Of course he did this in character, or did he? He had already made some concrete social/political appearances.  So his followers will never know what deep inside shy Colbert intentions are.  Testing the waters maybe.

In January 2012, he conducted a mock campaign for president of the United States of South Carolina to rally in support of Herman Cain true presidential campaign for the Republican party.

After having a brief taste of congressional politics, Stephen Colbert will not want nothing to do with running for anything.  Even not running for office he does better than Republican candidate Jon Huntsman but he is a stronger asset for any political party or cause just by sitting by the trenches, or behind the desk conducting his award-winning show.

He said it better during an interview with archnemesis Bill O'Reilly: "If you are an act then what am I?"

Stephen Colbert has an estimated net worth of $45 million and a yearly salary of $4 million.

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