There was a movie made about the end of the World slated for December of 2012. This belief was once uncommon and now there are clubs and pages on MySpace and Facebook and other social networks devoted to this unusual prophecy and its many fans both for and against the probability. I had heard of this idea as far back as 20 years ago when The Harmonic Convergence was upon us. The planets lined up as they do only once in many generations. The Age of Aquarius was ushering in, according to my New Age friends. Actress, Shirley Maclaine was on TV promoting the series made from her book, "Dancing in the Light."

For those of you who don't know, I am defining "New Age" as those loosely defined beliefs that span everything from Tibetan book of the dead to Astrology. They do vary in their personal specifics but one thing seems common, New Age adherents like to define themselves as "Spiritual" not "Religious." Although many of them attend church, they don't believe in a Christian Personal Savior named Jesus so much as a metaphysical force running the universe. They like to pick up ideas here and there from ancient ethic religions such as a reverence for all life, or a belief in energy that resides even in non-living things, and yet refrain from prolonged training in any one field. For example, a seminar on African folklore would be acceptable, going to Africa and living with a shaman for the full initiation, less likely. For if a New Age believer chose any one belief system over the others, they would cease to align themselves with the New Age movement and start instead to consider themselves part of the specific religion chosen. So if there is one thing we can say about them, they are broad in their beliefs.

Sometimes the things they believe even contradict each other. For example when I attended the Religious Science Church in Honolulu, in the 1980's we learned that Ernest Holmes, author of our textbook believed there was one mind, and that was the mind of God. Yet I went to church with people who believed in Astrology. I asked my friend, how can it be that where the stars were the moment you were born affects your life and your personality if you believe in free will and co-creation? She had no logically answer for that. Like a lot of people who refrain from logic she ignored my question and merely repeated it, by saying she was sloppy because she was a Gemini.

I find it hard to believe that all the children born in the same hospital as me, same meridian, same time zone have the same temperament as me. My experience has shown me that temperament has a strong biological component. Children of alcoholics for example, have a much higher incidence of alcoholism than other children, even when adopted out to non-alcoholic parents. Children of drug addicts have an even higher incidence of following in their parents footsteps. And yet free will is possible, because no one can say 100% of the children become alcoholics and addicts. They don't. It is only a higher incidence, an amount greater than would be expected purely by chance.

The Mayan calendar was one of the more specific calendars created in the ancient world. Based on the solar eclipse cycle, it did not have be adjusted by a leap year as our solar calendar has to be. It does not need to add another month periodically, as the lunar calendar necessitates. Modern scholars were charmed by how precise it seems to be. The only mystery being, why does it end in 2012? One could argue, they didn't need it any more. Even what was produced far outlasted the culture that produced it. But that's no fun. It's a lot more interesting to think those crazy Mayans had a bead on God's tiny whispers. They, wink wink, nudge nudge are trying to tell us something. Never mind that we brought all manner of disease and pestilence to the New World. Ethnocentric cultures the world over are mighty fond of believing there is a message in everything, personal to us!

So, if you think the world is ending in 2012, I have some advice for you. You might as well start stimulating the economy right now instead of being a chump and waiting. Go on vacation, buy the flat screen TV. Please! Spend your heirs inheritance! What need would there be for a pension plan or 401k if you will never be able to cash in on it? Education? For what purpose? If law school takes two years to complete, you won't even but have a year to practice if you pass the bar on the first go around. Make that trip to Italy and see if while you still can. Eat, drink and be merry because the chances of you getting cancer within the next two years are probably still low.

If you think the world is ending in 2012, it is also a good idea to clean up your emotional garbage. Say I love you to the people you love and severe ties to those who annoy you. Why waste another second of your life? Who wrote the rules anyway on proper behavior? Are you in a thankless marriage? Get out while you still have time to hook up with someone who cares for you. Stop saying "should" and decide what you chose to do. Is being greedy and abusive and controlling really following your bliss? How much better could life be if you spent the next two years being happy with yourself, happy for other people and doing what would be best?

It's still a crap shoot though. What if you spend all your money and 2012 proves not to be the end of the world? You might feel silly, and you might feel grand. Do one thing that scares you every day, end of the world or not.