Who wants to be a Millionaire?

This article has no secret recipe to be able to turn you
into a millionaire, there are two sure fire ways if you are 1 lucky or 2 born
into a rich family


 Buy a lottery ticket a just wait, there is a statistic
which may put you off, their probabilities are that you are more likely to be
killed in a road accident driving to buy your ticket than actually win with the
ticket you buy, my advice is stay at home and send someone to buy the ticket
for you.


No. 2

 As most people are not born into a rich family which will leave you a million you will have to work.


This article will not make you a Millionaire but it will most certainly lead you in the direction of becoming rich.


The average Man or Woman will spend their whole working lives
work hard just to stand still, and if you are very lucky you may come through
the other side with some savings and a reasonable pension, obviously hoping
that the banking system has not stripped away all your assets.


Millionaires will not on any account put their futures in
the hands of others.


No one will ever become extremely rich working for someone
else the odds are firmly stacked on the employer, not the employee.


To become a millionaire you must reinvent the wheel or be
able to work more hours than you will ever live.


There is a middle ground that is worth considering and
initially all you have to do is make four lists

List 1


Write down all the jobs that you hate doing or you are not
apable to do

List 2


Write down all the skills you have and you enjoy, on no
account write down any skill that you dislike.


List 3


Write down from list 1 all the jobs you would willing pay to
have done


List 4


From list 2 write down all the skills that you could make
money from

Once you understand the list method you will begin to
understand that there is money to be made from your skills, this is a fact
because unless List 3 is empty someone will make money from you.

The secret is on List 3 on no account just choose one from
the list, put together one two or three who could legitimately form a business.

You will need more than one string to your bow to succeed.


Once established check out your strengths and checkout with
an internet search how many people are running a business with your skills, I
promise you will be surprised how talented you are and your skills are worth


The easy part is over now it has to be put into practise, on
no account leave your employment but instead get some part time contracts,
people who start their own business often put in 16 hour days when starting, so
if you want to be a millionaire the hours you work cannot be an excuse.