Back in the '60s President Nixon began the tirade better known as the "War on Drugs".  Shortly after President Reagan and his wife began the just say no campaign.  But in the end besides the obvious illegal smokers of marijuana who is making out or losing during this long struggle against marijuana.

This is not a campaign for legalizing marijuana it is simply a re-look at who may be taking from the War on Drugs.  To start off i would like to state that the drug cartel who is involved with marijuana trade, mostly between the border of Mexico and the United States would not like any laws of marijuana being legalized.  First of all this would make the price of marijuana much less because it would be easier for people to get their hands on.  Second if marijuana was legalized control over marijuana would be impossible.  The government would contain all the control.  Similar to how cigarettes and alcohol are legal and government controlled marijuana would join them.  A good example would be the times of prohibition and how its legality being stripped away caused more problems than helping.

Another thought is the medicinal uses of marijuana.  Many studies have shown the countless uses of marijuana, so much so many states have passed marijuana to be used in some certain medicinal uses.  Unfortunately, this only works so much and all the bad connotations of marijuana cause many to stray away from medicinal marijuana.  Also due to many illegal medicinal stands buyers have trouble differentiating between where medicinal marijuana can be legally bought.  Drug companies love this.  Drug companies make endless amounts of money on drugs that can cure the same effects of marijuana.  If marijuana became legal not only could it not be patented, the word that every buyer loves to hear, organic, would be right on the label.  Not to mention those warning labels that contain may cause headache, high blood pressure, increase chance of stroke, liver failure, and etc. would be lost to the side effects of marijuana which may be dizziness, disorientation and unsafe to operate machinery until user is aware of how disorienting drug may be.  So marijuana's legality would knock drugs companies off the market.  Prices of some pill bottles can be as high as $100 dollars a bottle or more.  Marijuana could be as cheap as $10.  

Another interesting thought are all the endless amounts of people filling our prisons with marijuana convictions.  Although many states have made marijuana possession a misdemeanor, selling marijuana is enough to land yourself in jail.  Most people are unaware that most jails are privately owned.  That's right privately owned, something that the government should have control over is in the hands of greedy tycoons who hope to keep their jails filled.  If marijuana was made legal many of those jails would see a great decrease in their jails sizes.

Well those were a few points and i hope to write another article containing more thought provoking comments on the War on Drugs.  Again this was not an article meant to fight the legality of marijuana simply a look at what the War may be all about.