Whole Food: Milk

  Lately I've read a lot about whole foods and the benefits that they can do for you, and I already knew that everything you eat shows how healthy you are and, on the flip side it can also lead to issues you may have to with your health it's like the old saying "You are what you eat". I was really shocked though of how whole foods could completely turn your life around! The thing is though it makes perfect sense, and here I am counting calories every single day, drinking skim milk and I really am not the biggest fan of skim milk, I am a person that LOVES whole milk! I was ecstatic to hear about these people who were drinking whole milk and eating real foods, not little tiny packaged foods that have no means of filling you up. What I’m trying to get too though is that things that are good for you are going to fill you up, whole milk is going to fill you up more than even two glasses of skim milk, I can tell you this for sure!

I heard a few years ago that it was illegal in a bit of states(including here in Wyoming!) that it was illegal to buy or sell "raw milk" I was completely out raged I mean come on how in the world can our president go on about our nations obesity rate, and if you read this article http://bit.ly/mVDLp7  it will show that skim milk is just a byproduct of what you get after they sift out all that cream, and the cream is what holds most of the nutrients. After I read this I was getting ready to go to the store and I skipped the skim milk altogether and never looked back, instead I ended up getting organic whole milk. I know what you’re thinking though, is this whole article a rant over milk? I guess I kind of have to say yeah and then again no. What I’m saying people are spending  money on overly processed cheap foods that are awful for you, and in the end medical bills are sky rocketing because of obesity problems, honestly though should health care cover something such as self-neglect?? It’s a fact that overweight people on average have responsibilities they put in front of their needs, or have emotional issues that they try to resolve with bad food. Average to thin people normally know what they need and level out there needs so that their needs are equal to their responsibilities.

              Americans go on their way as if they are doing their selves a favor by eating that Big Mac and fries, but by saying I am too lazy to make my dinner it's because you are feeling too sluggish from what you ate before to get up and make anything. If you were to make your own burger and it all being organic and in between a 100% wheat bun, with this entire swap of bad verses good, you probably wouldn't feel sluggish would have saved money and had the energy to make that dinner you needed to. Bad choices follow more bad choices, and so on. America is slowly neglecting one’s self one by one; it completely disgusts me, when nobody looks at this as disrespecting yourself, if you didn't know this before your slowly killing yourself one bite at a time when you make the wrong decisions.

                       My family and myself have had trouble with our weight for most of the years of being a live and over a five month span I have lost all the weight I needed to which was 56 lbs. I exercise about six days a week and try to make the best decisions I possibly can I have went from 172 lbs. to 116 lbs. I see this as a super accomplishment and see this new way of eating as a challenge, and I want to make this something I wouldn't ever change, a kind of lifestyle. To end this whole article I’m very excited about this and will keep you updated with more articles and recipes!!