Wholesale Body Oils: What A Picture Is Worth

The use of a body oil of any kind is intended to capture and lock moisture into the skin, giving it a healthy, nourished sheen. The best imagery to understand this is probably an exaggeration, but effective nonetheless. If you've ever seen a body-building contest, you'll know immediately what this refers to. That's actually posing oil, and it makes every muscle stand and be counted, but the general idea is the same. Body oil is a more subtle form of providing the skin with natural oils that are lost when applying soap and other chemicals to the body. In very bad cases of dry, rough and scaly or flaky skin, this is almost an essential part of daily ablution. These oils are also necessary in cold weather, where dry skin is a common affliction.

Body Oils: Common Types And Sources

Body oils are typically made from flowers like jasmine and lavender, and also tea tree leaves and olive extracts. Olive oil, which the poet Homer referred to as 'liquid gold' and is popular in Mediterranean countries, gives the skin a soft healthy glow. The ancient Greeks used it in abundance, and even had a manual on how to use olive oil properly - the well-oiled bodies of the first athletes to compete at Olympia, Greece are brought to mind. Even though the base oil may be from a particular flower or fruit, fragrances can be added to customize it to practically anything you want. However, skunk musk essence body oil will take longer to ship than other fragrances.

The Cost Of Being Well-Oiled: Doing The Math

Buying body oils can be an expensive affair. At $7.25 for a 4 oz bottle of half-decent perfumed oil, a regular user will soon burn a big hole in their pocket. However, there is a way around this. If you are going to be using body oil on an ongoing basis, you can buy in bulk. Over a period of time it's a lot more cost-effective, and you can save further on shipping as well. For example, the same $7.25 bottle comes to $5.95 if you buy 4 together. That's nearly 20% off straight away. And shipping at $2.75 per order will save you another $8.25 if you order 4. Effectively, you'll pay $40 if you order one by one, and $26.55 if you order 4, which is almost a third of the price in savings.

Wholesale Body Oils Online: Common Scents

There are several great online stores that will let you buy fragrance body oils at bulk, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Most, like wholesalebodyoils dot com, offer an amazing range of fragrances to spike your oils with, including Armani, Dior and Chanel. Stores like addictivescents4u dot com even have what they call 'dollar oils', where you get 12 fragrance roll-ons for $11.99. The list of stores and their amazing offers goes on and on, and a simple search for 'body oils at wholesale' should throw up dozens of results for you to pick from.

Wholesale Body Oils: An Oil Salesman Named Slick

When buying wholesale, there are a few tips that will save you time and effort, and often, aggravation. Shipping and returns policies are always a pain to read through, but in your best interest, it would be wise to check the fine print and see if there's anything unexpected that might be thrown at you later. A simple click of the mouse is often enough to agree to a huge list of terms and conditions, so if you have any doubt as to the authenticity or fairness of the terms it's a whole lot easier to seek another source. However, stores that don't accept returns on oils, such as saveonscents dot com, will often have sample sizes like a 1 oz bottle to try before you buy. They're reasonably priced so you can check them out before you buy a bigger batch. The other concern is a website's privacy policy; see that it's absolutely above board. Often, a policy will be put in place just to satisfy the curious customer who actually does read it, but then the very next week you'll be getting calls about package deals to weekend spa resorts – no points for guessing where they got your number.