Do you have a need for wholesale canning jars? Have you decided to grow your own garden and are planning on canning your harvest and need to purchase more than a few canning jars or maybe you're starting a small business selling canned foods or container candles and need to purchase large quantity of jars on a regular basis. Where do you get all those canning jars? Wal-Mart, Target and the Dollar Store are all great places that are convenient places to purchase a case of canning jars here and  there. Then canning season starts and everyone and their brother starts canning making it difficult to find a retailer that is not sold out of everything you need which becomes very frustrating. If you are in the market for wholesale canning jars no matter what your reason or the season you're in luck? Whether you need 100 jars or 2000 here is a list of suppliers and locations online to load up on inexpensive wholesale canning jars.

Places to find wholesale canning jars


Ball Regular Mason Canning Jar 1 Qt., Case of 12A good place to begin your search for wholesale canning jars would be In business for over a decade Fillmore Container supplies everything from glass jars, lids, and other accessories like candle wax and fragranced oils. Their selection of wholesale canning jars is extreme coming in almost every shape and size imaginable from quart jars, wide mouth jars, and small glass jars. If they don't have what you are looking for they will do their best to find it. They have Container lids available in white and gold but custom colors can be ordered in minimum quantities. Another great thing about Fillmore is you can order by the case so there is no need to purchase a whole pallet unless of course you need that much.

Another online supplier is They have a smaller section of wholesale canning jars mainly in 8oz and 16oz sizes. If you need smaller jars for things like honey or candles their selection becomes a lot bigger. Prices are a little higher than Fillmore but if you need a large quantity you can request additional discounts.

There are a few other companies that carry wholesale canning jars that should be mentioned for example and both carry all the common sizes for canning. With prices that are not much different than the other companies listed here other than Fillmore Container. Container and Packaging sell a wide variety of containers for just about anything you would want to package from food to cosmetics. Canning Pantry is a great one stop shop for anything to do with canning. They carry pressure canners, water bath canners, canning jars, labels and to many other things to list here basically if you need it they've got it. has great prices as well making it another great place to get wholesale canning Ball Complete Book of Home Preservingjars as well as all the other things you need for canning and preserving.


Wholesale Canning Supplies 


Most of the sites mentioned above also carry a number of wholesale canning supplies as well as jars. So as you can see with this list you should have no problem finding anything you would need related to canning. If you want a specific brand or type of jar like Mason, Kerr or Ball canning jars, or small jars, big jars even canning labels for your jars just about anything thats related to canning can be foundat one of these sites. Hope your harvest is plentiful and this article was helpful. If you know of any other good suppliers please leave a comment in the comment sections. To leave a comment you must be an Info Barrel member, you can sign up here and don't worry it's free plus you just might make a few bucks in the process.