Wholesale Engagement Rings on Sale

Perhaps the most romantic thing that could happen before marriage is the engagement proposal. Imagine your boyfriend kneeling in one knee and holding your hand or your boyfriend popping champagne and asking the question "Will you marry me" spontaneously. But before any of this can happen, there is one thing that should be present-- a diamond engagement ring. It is what it is. Any woman would feel loved and special when her boyfriend gives her a diamond engagement ring. It is beautiful, elegant and promising but a little bit too much.

Diamond rings vary in prices according to the size and cut of the diamond. However, there are ways in order to find a perfect diamond engagement ring with the right prize. Buying wholesale engagement rings is one way to get an engagement ring without having to worry much about its prize. There is a wide collection of engagement rings to choose from and the prices are relatively cheaper compared to retail stores.

One particular type of gemstone that is evidently the most popular among engagement rings is diamond. It is considered to be the most elegant, elusive and extra-ordinary type of gemstone that could melt any woman's heart. Because of its rarity, even a small diamond can cost a fortune.

Jewelry has become a fashion statement throughout the years and have become popular to almost everyone- from the young population to working groups and even to the other older population. Jewelry are available in shopping malls, retail shops and online stores. If you buy jewelry from wholesale stores, you get the privilege of having tons to choose from at a much cheaper price. Because of these one-two-may channels, shopping for diamond engagement rings can be tough sometimes. It is far more difficult if you are not yet sure of what to buy and you will just rely on your instinct hoping that when you see that one ring, you will just know that it is what you are looking for.

Sometimes, the right cut and style of the diamond engagement rings depends on one's personality. If your girlfriend is a conservative type of person, you can already cross-out huge diamond from your list. The key to finding the right diamond engagement ring is to determine the personality of the person to whom you are going to give it to. After you have done this, research on the engagement ring that she likes. The most convenient way is to go online and look for the engagement ring that matches the preference of your girlfriend. Some of these engagement rings that you can find may tell you where you can buy them and how much they cost. Some wholesale stores have websites too. There is one thing though that you have to keep in mind when looking for an engagement ring online, make sure that the wholesale stores or the retail store are reputable and registered. You can also look into catalogs and magazines. Once you have completed your list, you can compare prices if the cost is very important to you.

Buying an Engagement Ring
We have discussed at least two ways on how you can find a perfect diamond engagement ring with a respectable price--through wholesalers and retail sellers. However, there is one another way where you can buy cheaper but equally elegant diamond engagement ring--through the manufacturer. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each source.

Wholesale Stores
Wholesaler often buys engagement rings in bulk directly from the manufacturers. It is relatively cheaper if you buy engagement rings in bulk instead of buying them piece by piece. Wholesalers get discounts from their supplier. They sometimes have an outlet store while others go house to house to sell the rings. Wholesalers have to put a ceiling price on their engagement rings but it is relatively cheaper than retail stores. Because wholesalers buy jewelry in bulk, there are more engagement rings to choose from making them a more viable choice for customers who are in the market for a ring but does not quite know what particular type of ring to buy.

Retail Stores
Retail stores, on the other hand, sell jewelry at a much higher price than wholesale stores because of the additional expenses that they have to bear such as rent, labor expenses, delivery and other freight costs. Another disadvantage is that there are fewer engagement rings in retails stores compared to wholesale stores because the former usually enter into an agreement with limited ring designers. The advantages of buying a ring from a retail store are location and reputation. Retail stores can be found nationwide-- in city streets and shopping malls. It is more convenient especially if you are in a hurry to buy an engagement ring. Also, because of its supplier-retailer agreement with some very prestigious jewelry designer, you can find diamond engagement rings with one-of-a-kind design.

Manufacturer Direct
The most direct way of finding a diamond engagement ring is by going to the manufacturer. If you are going to buy in bulk, you can get a discount price. The advantage of going directly to the manufacturer is that you can custom-made the design and cut of the diamond and body of the ring. This will make the ring more special because it has a personal touch. However, custom-made rings can be pretty expensive especially if the design that you want is difficult to emulate.

Whichever of these channels you choose, always keep in mind that you are buying a piece of jewelry that is authentic, long-lasting and of good quality. Check for the authenticity of the diamond engagement ring before you buy it or better yet, request for a letter of authenticity and a warranty card from the seller. You wouldn't want to give a fake diamond engagement ring to your future wife, would you?