Wholesale Engagement Rings: For Shotguns And 'Sons-Of-Guns' Alike

Congratulations - or at least "move and I'll shoot". If you're considering buying an engagement ring that means you're either ready to take the plunge and pop the question or you have a shotgun pointed at you. Either way, wholesale engagement rings are a great idea if you're high on love (or fear) and low on cash. Although you do have the choice of walking into a DeBeers showroom and spending thousands of dollars on a rock the size of the grain of sand (the one you'll say you have in your eye when she says yes), an engagement ring need not be a 'break the bank' kind of item.Wholesale Engagement Rings If you know where to look, what to look for, and what to pay, you're in a better position than most people who are on the verge of being hitched. After all, if all goes well you'll only be doing this once in your life so it might just be worth the extra trouble searching for the right piece of ice to make it nice with your fiancée to be.

Wholesale Engagement Rings: Starting Small

First, you need to decide whether you can afford a real diamond or if you'll be happy with a Cu Zirc to start with. Although a Cubic Zirconium looks exactly like a real diamond, the prices are in different ballparks in different districts in different time zones! A Cu Zirc set in a gold-plated ring you could probably buy for about $7, but the exact same ring, even at wholesale, made of white gold with a real diamond, can cost about $600 to $700. That's why it's imperative to fix your price before you go shopping because with all the wholesale engagement ring choices that'll be thrown at you (not literally), you might just end up spending a whole lot more than you planned. And besides, for a young man just starting out in life, there's nothing wrong with a cheap engagement ring – at least it's better than a soda pop pull-ring! And besides that, as long as you promise to replace it with a diamond and keep your promise before she starts having second thoughts, you'll be alright!

Diamonds Here, Diamonds There, Diamonds, Diamonds, Everywhere

When shopping for wholesale engagement rings, it will also help if you have a fair idea of the pattern you'd like. They usually come in flat or wedding band styles (though a little thinner), but the sky's the limit as far as that is concerned. Certain retailers of wholesale engagement rings will have an array of ring patterns, and most will have a wide variety of stone setting options. There are choices as far as metal goes too, right from gold-plated to solid gold, and in numerous gold purity options, although 14K white gold is one of the most popular. With settings, there are choices from Bezels to Bars and Prongs to Paves. The arrangement of the stones can also vary, with a popular choice being a central stone surrounded by a ring of smaller stones, or small stones arranged in rows all the way round the circumference of the ring. Naturally, there are other unique patterns as well, but a basic understanding will help you choose quicker.

So Love Does Have A Price

Prices will not only vary between Cu Zircs and real diamonds, but even within the range of real diamond rings with gold. At the lower end, a solitaire ring (about a half carat-weight stone) set in white gold at wholesale should cost you around $400 to $500; you can also get wholesale engagement rings as sets for under $1000, or singles at the higher end for about $800 to $900. Within those upper and lower limits, any budget can be satisfied, and the major benefit of buying from dealers of wholesale engagement rings is the reduction in cost – since they ship it to you direct, there's not a lot of overhead that ultimately gets priced into the product. So whether you're starting out or starting again in love and life, there's a perfect diamond ring waiting just for you and yours.