One of the best ways of increasing the value of jewelry in the eyes of a customer is with suitable packaging. If you have started your wholesale sterling silver business and are looking for ways to justify higher prices than your competitors consider buying wholesale jewelry boxes to package your items and make them look even more valuable.

Reasons To Invest In Good Quality Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

Going the extra mile and packing your jewelry on a pretty jewelry box means your customer will get a better impression of your business and your product. This in turn means you'll be able to charge higher prices for them, increasing your margins. At the same time, if you purchase jewelry boxes wholesale you can them engraved with the logo of your shop. Since people often like to keep original jewelry boxes that means your shop name will be there... right when they are looking at their jewelry collection and considering if they should buy more.

An Interesting Fact About Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry is a luxury good, even if it's affordable. It's a small luxury or a beautiful gift, and that means people are not so much looking for the cheapest offer as they are looking for the best quality. People who aren't willing to pay £10 for a silver chain without a box may be willing to pay £40 for the same item packaged on a beautiful wooden jewelry box that cost you £5 wholesale. This is even more true if the item is intended as a gift. If your client knows that he can just add a ribbon and have a ready and beautiful looking gift he won't bother looking for jewelry elsewhere. When we're talking about decorative and luxury items such as jewelry, being the cheapest is not the best marketing strategy.

Why Buy Wholesale

Buying jewelry boxes wholesale is the best way of getting the best prices. Often manufacturers have standard sizes and sell them in bulk, but custom made orders can take longer to deliver. Even if you are a small jewelry retailer you should keep a stock of different sized branded jewelry boxes so you can dispatch your sold goods quickly. You can also use the boxes to take pictures of the items you are selling for your online shop and make them look even more valuable. Everybody likes a bargain, and if your clients leave your shop thinking that they made a great deal they will come back. And surprisingly, wholesale jewelry boxes can be a cheap way of increasing the perceived value of your wares.