Investing in wholesale lip balm is a lucrative venture, as lip balm is a popular cosmetic product that is a staple on store shelves, and bulk purchases often enable you to save up on resources.

There are various manufacturers to choose from for wholesale lip balm, though choosing a supplier will entail a lot of research and negotiation. However, if you know how to play your cards right, finding a dealer you are willing and comfortable to work with will spell positive outcomes in your business venture.

 Know your product

Generally, you don’t buy wholesale lip balm if you don’t know who you’re going to sell them to. Identifying your target market will help you know what to look for in your product, and will make it easier to sell them off.

Lip balm is also known as lip salve, and is generally called “chap stick”, though the latter refers to a brand of the product that has been around since the 1880s. The main indication of lip balm is to provide relief from dry, sore, or cracked lips, and even common conditions such as stomatitis or cold sores. It creates a layer on the lips that keeps in moisture, thus preventing it from drying out caused by external conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, and even wind. Because the lips are quite prone to dryness, lip balm is a great solution to the lack of moisture.

 Lip balm consists of substances such as beeswax, camphor, cetyl alocohol, petrolatum and others. Various flavours and pleasant fragrances are added to make the balm more appealing to people’s different tastes. For instance, people appreciate being able to choose between cherry-flavored and bubblegum-flavored lip balm. One other popular additive is sunscreen, and most lip balms come in containers that indicate SPF numbers for additional protection from ultra violet rays. Aside from sunscreen, most products also contain medication, depending on certain lip conditions.

The uses of lip balm, nevertheless, are no longer limited to dry lip relief. Aside from treating chapped lips, thin layers of lip balm can also be used to soothe chapped skin elsewhere, such as the face and fingers. They can also be used in removing sticky substances from hard smooth surfaces, like bubblegum on a tabletop or residual adhesive on the wall.

 Tips in choosing

 First of all, know your potential manufacturers. There are several dealers who produce cosmetic products in bulk, wholesale lip balm being one of them. Remember to do some scouting first on which companies would be willing to sell to you directly. If a particular company refuses to deal with you, ask them to refer you to suppliers that will.

 Try not to stick to interviewing only one supplier, as there are lots of great choices out there. Check out how financially stable the company is, as well as the length of time they have been in business. Are they able to follow through on deals? Do they have an established name in the industry? What are the minimum order requirements you need to comply with? This is especially contributory to whether dealers are willing to wholesale their products to you, as you may be too “small” for them.

 When you find a dealer that you believe you can work with, be clear on the terms that they offer on wholesale lip balm, and if they have a return policy, what are the conditions? This is important in the event that the wholesale lip balm they offer contain any defects and need replacement.

Where to find wholesale lip balm

 If you’re not satisfied with the prospects in your area, you can always log onto the Internet, as long as you take precautions. Know how to check a wholesaler’s credibility online. Look for reviews and valid credentials. Take down contact details and exchange a few emails to check if a dealer knows his products well enough to make a good investment with wholesale lip balm.

 A good place to look for wholesale lip balm is, as it offers a lot of variety on high-quality products and lets you know the different corresponding prices for each bulk, or item, as the case may be. Prices vary on what the product contains (medication and sunscreen usually boost the cost a bit), while various flavours can sell for different prices. will require a log in to check out prices on wholesale lip balm, but after that you’re good to go. is another good place that will also give you good potential suppliers for wholesale lip balm, just be sure to check out all possible good deals before deciding on one, as they offer many.