Soccer fans are crazy about supporting their team. If you are interested in opening up your own store you will need a reliable source for wholesale soccer jerseys. Your goal should be to find a wholesaler that has a vested interest in your success. The better you do the better they do. Finding a company that understands this and truly reaches out to help can be invaluable. You want to avoid finding wholesalers that charge you outrageous up from fees for "activation or "membership."

When you are just starting your business money is tight. You need to make sure you are spending every penny as wisely as you can. Finding a wholesaler to provide your inventory is superwholesale soccer jerseys important. If you get stuck with a deadbeat supplier that charges you too much, your business will suffer.

How To Rate Wholesale Soccer Jersey Suppliers

There are a few criteria you should use when picking where to buy wholesale soccer jerseys from. The first thing you want to do is make sure they will deliver your inventory in a timely manner. Your business won't be in business for long if you don't have anything to sell. Empty shelves and customers that are willing to buy is the ultimate nightmare for every business owner. If that happens, you are literally costing yourself money. This makes it vitally important you find a wholesaler that is reliable.

Next you want to make sure you find a wholesaler that wants you to be successful. They can prove this by offering you a line of credit. They may not be willing to do it immediately. This is understandable because, like you, they have to manage the risks they take. Offering you credit right off the bat might overextend them too much. Most decent wholesalers however will offer you a line of credit after a few orders have went through and you have proven your ability to pay them on time.

How Much Are Wholesale Soccer Jerseys?

The margins on soccer jerseys aren't spectacular. There are definitely better items to sell, however, you can make a lot of money if you sell a lot of jerseys. Soccer fans love their teams and they love to support their favorite players. By turning out and selling a lot of jerseys you can build a lucrative business for yourself.

On average you can expect to pay 40%-60% of the suggested retail price for soccer jerseys. That isn't an enormous mark up, but it is better than other items. There are a lot of fees, costs and royalties involved in selling legit soccer uniforms.

You could choose to sell counterfeits, but that isn't a great long term business plan. Once you get pegged for selling counterfeits it will be difficult to make any money. Your only customers will be people who don't care about quality. All they will want is the lowest price possible. They'll haggle you and it will become an over nightmare. Not to mention the legal issues you could have. If a team finds out you are selling their jerseys and they aren't getting a cut, they might come after you. They spent a lot of money and worked hard to build their soccer club's brand. They don't want other people profiting from that without getting their fair share.

The fees associated with selling soccer jerseys are as follows. The manufacturer needs to get paid for making the jersey. The jersey needs to get shipped to the wholesaler. The wholesaler marks it up so they can make a profit. Then when a jersey sells the soccer club gets a kick back and the players do too. That is a lot of overhead before the jersey has even been sold.

Where Can You Find Wholesale Soccer Jerseys?

You could search online, but most decent wholesalers don't have much of a web presence. They keep customers because they are a good "secret" source. If they publicized too much they might actually lose customers. The best place to find wholesale soccer jerseys is though good old fashion networking. Get out and meet people in the industry and find out where they get their inventory. Pick up a soccer catalog and see if you can find any information in there. Retailers are usually secretive about where they get their inventory, but if you put in the hard work you might find a break.

Selling soccer jerseys can be a nice business. Finding the right place to buy wholesale soccer jerseys may ultimately determine your overall success.