Soy Candle WaxBuying wholesale soy candle wax is a good way to save money on candle making supplies, whether you're a small business candle maker or interested in making candles as gifts for friends and family. There are several very good wholesale candle supply companies online, and they give discounts for larger purchases of bulk soy wax. Here are some tips to follow as you buy wholesale soy candle wax.

  • Determine how much soy candle wax you need to buy. Bulk soy wax generally comes in 50 pound cases, and once you buy several 50-pound cases, you get more of a price break. If you already have your containers, or know the sizes you plan to make, you can better estimate your needs.
  • Look at several wholesale soy candle wax supply companies to compare prices. Be sure to note shipping cost, as companies shipping out of your region may be less expensive on the whole than those further away.
  • When placing your order, look for other discounted candle supplies such as equipment, dye orSoy wax Candles fragrance that you need to make your natural soy wax candles.
  • Recycle holiday mugs, canning jars or old jar candle containers from your house and thrift stores to make charming soy jar candles.
Once you have purchases and received your wholesale soy candle wax, the fun begins! Making soy candles at home is not difficult, as the process basically involves melting the soy wax, adding fragrance and dye as it cools, and pouring the candle wax into molds after setting the wicks. Follow this link to learn how to make all natural soy candles.