Buying wholesale volume gold and silver bars as an investment has become popular as of late with many high level investors. Prices have soared off the charts and people are trading these metals to the top.

Fearless in purchasing and enjoying the peaks and valley's, day traders purchase one day and sell the next. Others will buy and stockpile these metals for years. They take the profit in the future and some even retire well off, from their endeavors in the precious metals market.

Buying gold in volume today is not for the weak of heart. The price per ounce will even make a strong heart skip a beat. Silver on the other hand is a little easier for the average person to amass. Just a multiple of the gold price, high volumes of silver can be obtained without a king's ransom.

What's Driving The Market?

Many investors have asked themselves what the driving factors are going to do next and only a few get it right. Truthfully to understand the precious metals market one must understand the supply and demand principles behind the commodities.

Gold has historically been held by large countries to back their currency. This is no longer the case and now is used primarily in jewellery and the computer industry as well as the automotive industry.

Coins are struck using gold blanks and watch makers still use a large amount of gold. Art deco bars are sold to collectors and investors for varying prices by the artist as well as weight. Collectors will pay much more for some obsolete gold coins.

The Internet has introduced the world of commodity trading to the globe. New investors join the mix every day and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. One thing we know, when more people want a limited supply of what's out there. the price goes up.

Buyer Beware There Are Snakes In The Grass

The precious metals market is a great place to invest. Unfortunately it's also a great place for scam artists to fester. Be careful and know who your buying from. Do some research and learn to test the metals. Kits are available and learning to use them is a snap.

Always carry your own scale and use it. If only to calibrate your dealers scale. If your feeling shy, just tell them you would like to check your scale for accuracy again. Once you have a relationship with a dealer or broker, build on it because trust is important dealing with the vast numbers that can be involved.

A few bad apples can spoil a whole bunch of profit so like the subtitle said "buyer beware" it's a crazy world out there and this is always going to be a fact of life, wholesale volume gold and silver bar investment is no definitely exception to the rule.