Of course everyone loves to save money especially on things that you use a lot and if you also like buying in bulk you should consider the purchase of wholesale wrapping paper. Maybe you just love giving gifts for Christmas or birthdays or for no reason and you need and use a lot of wrapping paper or maybe you own a small gift shop or are the manager of in some type of store that uses tons of wrapping paper. Well this article was written to help you find wholesale wrapping paper and save money doing it. In this article you learn where you can buy bulk wrapping paper cheap, the types of paper you can get and how much it will cost.


Where to Find Cheap Wholesale Wrapping Paper


The first place we will start with might be the first place you should start looking which is Amazon.com. Amazon doesn't have the biggest selection around but what they do have is going to be at the some of the best prices. If you are a college sports fan or want paper with college logos on it they have a wide selection. Teams include Indiana Hoosiers, Kentucky Wildcats, and Florida State plus many more. They also have miscellaneous bulk rolls of solid color paper. Most but not all of these come in cases of twenty four with twelve and a half square feet of high quality paper per roll. There are a few flat assorted gift wrapping paper sets that also come in cases of twenty four with two twenty by thirty sheets per package. What they have the biggest selection of is bulk craft paper rolls. The only color they have is brown and it is eighty percent recycled material. They sell three different sizes thirty, forty and fifty pound paper in packages of one roll or three rolls. The rolls are eighteen or twenty four inches wide and one thousand and fifty feet long depending on what size you get. Prices on every thing mentioned range from right around twenty five dollars to well over a hundred plus shipping.


Wholesale Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper and More


Another great site with a huge selection of wholesale wrapping paper is mrgiftwrap.com. This site carries just about anything you would need for wrapping presents and gifts. Their wrapping paper selection alone has three categories with a total of twenty four sub categories. These categories include everyday gift wrap for birthdays, weddings, and everyday celebrations, holiday gift wrap that consists of different types of Christmas wrapping paper including sampler packs and solid color gift wrap that comes in many colors, and finishes including gloss, matte and foil. Mrgiftwrap.com also carries wholesale tissue paper, gift bags and a number of other items related to gift wrapping. For prices on products from this supplier it would be best for you to check out their site. They give their products a point value after so many points you earn a discounted price and free shipping so every purchase is different. If you don't qualify for free shipping it should not be a big deal they have a low flat rate of $6.95. So even at that you are getting a good deal. There is no minimum order but the more you order the more you save. It's that easy.

One last wholesale wrapping paper supplier that needs to be mentioned is Superiorgiftwrap.com. They are a lot like the previous supplier but they carry an even bigger selection of gift wrapping paper and products. There are twelve categories of wrapping paper everything from feminine and masculine papers patterns to eco-friendly. The standard gift wrap paper sizes are eighteen, twenty four, thirty and thirty six inches wide. Lengths are available in one hundred foot rolls, jeweler's rolls and full and half ream rolls. A full ream consists of eight hundred and thirty three feet and a half ream is four hundred and seventeen feet. And a jeweler's roll is seven and three eights wide and one hundred feet long. Other products they carry include a wide assortment of gift bags, boxes, and shredded parchment, crinkle and shredded metalized polypropylene all come in a variety of colors. There is also a large selection of wholesale bows, ribbons and tissue paper. One thing that makes Superiorgiftwrap.com stand out is their ability of supplying custom printed merchandise. There are no minimum orders and they do offer a volume discounts for large orders.

There are many other places online that you can find wholesale wrapping paper and supplies but between these three you are sure find just what you are looking for. You may even find some retail stores that carry these same products at a reasonable price but more than likely your best bet for a price that will not empty you wallet is online.