I find it laughable when people complain about government privacy interference, yet they have thousands of Facebook friends. It is not possible for you to know all of those people personally. Therefore your Facebook profile is not private by any means, regardless of your settings. Personally, I have less than two hundred people on my friend list. The majority of those are actual family members. Still, I think that two hundred is even excessive given the fact that I only created an account to connect with two people who live overseas...

deleteCredit: nemo

My bestie recently called me "delete-happy". I have no qualms about that. I used to have over 500 people on my friend list, but now I don't. To be on my friend list you must meet three of four criteria:

  • I know your given name (not just your alias)

  • I know where you live

  • I know where you work

  • Your phone number and/or email address is stored in my phone

There is exactly one person who only meets two of these, but they post status updates of substance that I find to be of value to me. Some may think this method is excessive. It's not. It is actually pretty effective. This is also how I cut my wedding guest list nearly in half. There were still way too many people there also. *smile*


bathCredit: ed_davad

Every person on my friend list is not my bff, but I know how to contact them offline if need be. Therefore, we have a connection that warrants access to my online presence. What I don't need is a few thousand voyeurs monitoring my daily movement and random thoughts. Some argue that they have so many friends because they are networking. However, if you own a legitimate business you should create a group or a fan page. Your colleagues and customers don't need to see what you had for lunch or pictures of your child bathing. They just don't.

After reading this, you may agree with my opinion and you may not. But it is quite possible that half the people on your own friend list could walk by you on the street right now and you would not know them from Adam (who is probably also on your list). If you have not reviewed your friend list in a while, you may want to take a look. You may have been deleted by some of your "friends" and don't even know it.