People who know me might be surprised that I am making a statement like this - a mahogany desk might not be the right choice for you. Yes, you read it right. You might be making a mistake by deciding to buy a mahogany desk. Let me tell you why …

Agreed, mahogany is one of the finest wood available. A desk made of mahogany will be strong, sturdy and long lasting. I also agree that mahogany desks bring a rich, classy feel to your home/office. Its beautiful reddish brown color appeals to everyone's eyes. And yes, when it comes to usability, one can't find a thing to complain about. But still, there are times when mahogany desks should be crossed off your list right away. Let me list out which times are those …

1. You Can't Do Heavy Lifting

Think about it. You live in an area where every piece of furniture you buy will have to be carried up through stairs. There is no lift. No way to easily get that piece into your house/office. Moreover, you don't have anyone who can help you with it. How will you get your much loved desk in its right place? Yes, paying for such a service is an option. But if you are not willing to do that and you don't have any resources to help yourself, buying the desk could be one big mistake.

2. You Are Short On Cash

When money is tight and each penny counts, it is simply not the right time to be looking at mahogany desks. What you need at times like this is just a functional desk. Something which will help you to get by without creating a huge dent in your pocket. Mahogany desks are expensive. If you have to stretch too much, consider not buying it at all. You can always buy one when things get better.

3. You Need A Use And Throw Kind Of Desk

There are times when you are not really setting up home/office for a long stay. You know whatever you buy right now, you will be discarding in six months or even a year. Maybe because you are a student, or maybe because you have temporarily transferred to the new place for work purpose. You are just interested in getting the basics to get by for the time you are here. In times like this, investing a good deal of amount in an expensive desk just doesn't sound like a right decision. Unless you get a great deal on the desk, buy something which you won't regret throwing after you are done with it.

Of course, for those whom price is not a matter of concern and those who love to use quality products no matter how much time or at what cost, mahogany desk is always an option. But for the rest of us, we are better off looking at other desks.