When you get out of the shower and forget to pull the curtain back, what happens overtime? The curtain grows harmful mold that could eventually kill you; Shower Doors will prevent this all together. There are dozens of reasons why a door is much more beneficial than a curtain for showers including functionality, decoration, presentation and lastly health and safety reasons.

A door for a shower can do many things that a curtain can't, for example you can screw a towel hanger onto the outside of the door so when you step out a towel is waiting for you. The door can be placed on a rolling track, or have a hinge. Both work but one is usually more preferred than the other. A glass shower door on a rolling track wont ever fly open if it's tapped lightly which is often times the problem with hinged doors, which require door stops. The door will not only allow you to have a towel handy but it can also provide you with a space to hang your razor or luffa with just a small suction hook attachment. The shower wall will get wet and frequently the suction cups will fall off but on the door it's out of the way of the shower heads spray.

The door is not only convenient, it can also be made beautiful. You can change out a shower curtain, but each one will cost anywhere from fifteen to forty dollars. With a door you can simply buy dry erase markers or even removable stickers to decorate your bathroom. It can look different every day or be changed once a week as easily and cheaper than buying a new curtain. Not only can it be decorated but instead of a door, you could add a mirror. Instead of wasting space on a wall where it could fall off, put the mirror on the rolling track or add a reflective sheet to the hinged door.

A shower door is also a great way to stay safe. By adding a bar to the inside of the door you can make the shower a safer place, preventing nasty falls or slips. Not only that, but a door wont collect nasty mold or mildew that can damage your lungs or even kill you. The most the door will every collect is a safe lime rust which is simple to get out. The door is easy to clean, just spray on a glass solution then wipe it with a rag and it's as good as new. Curtains can take hours to clean and sometimes disgusting scum will hide in the folds.
It's obvious that a shower door is a much safer, cleaner and better looking solution to curtains. Not to mention fun for kids to decorate and cheaper for an ever changing bathroom.