Veronica Mars Season 3

Who Is Veronica Mars ?

When we first meet Veronica, we learn that her best friend Lilly Kane got murdered a year ago. Her dad, Sheriff of Neptune at the time, pursued the popular Kane family against the advice of the mayor and public opinion. That is what happens when you try to seek justice in a town divided between the richest people of California and everyone else.

Hanging out with the popular crowd was not socially acceptable anymore because of her dad decision to pursue the Kanes and because she stood by him.

And then, as high school unfolded, she gain the respect of everyone, from the poor kids on the wrong side of the tracks to the rich 09-ers, as the rich kids are called.

Veronica Mars Did Not Stand A Chance Or Did She ?

When UPN and WB merged into the CW in 2006, Veronica Mars had the support of Dawn Ostroff, President of the new CW network and previous President of UPN. It was "a done deal" that the show would survive the merge. They paired the TV show with the very successful Gilmore Girls for an all-girl Tuesday night but the ratings did not sky-rocketed and the show got cancelled.

The writers were apparently not expecting this decision for numerous reasons such as the open-ended season 3. One other reason would be that another show had lower ratings than Veronica Mars but still got renewed : One Tree Hill. The reason that show is still on the air is that it sells really well outside of the United States.

Why Do We Need A Veronica Mars Movie ?

No real conclusion was given to the series. Moreover, season 3 felt really different from the first two season in the fact that Rob Thomas, the creator of the show, agreed to make the plot easier to follow for first-time watchers, making it hard to recognize for a hard-core fan. The show was still witty and fun but something was missing. So for a season where the show turned into a teen soap without the complete witty side of Veronica and her dad, we need a conclusion.

In the end of season 3, just before learning about the cancellation, the cast and crew shot a Veronica Mars in the FBI. Out of College and aiming to evolve into something maybe further away to school, the 12-min introduction of season 4 did not convince the CW executives. This trailer is only available on the Veronica Mars DVD.

Plus, as Veronica Mars was the new Buffy for her smart and resourceful lead character, there is no other show that is filling the void anymore. The scripts were funny and smart, the characters were relatable and they all have something that makes you think you know them. The interactions between each other made sense : consistency at its pure form.

Who Is Campaigning For A Veronica Mars Movie ?

Obviously, the fans are doing whatever they can to make the movie happen.

Rob Thomas, the creator, has penned down a draft of the movie. He is ready for this as soon as the studio will greenlight it.

The star of the show, Kristen Bell has been very vocal about doing a movie. She has stated that she would come back for a movie and also that it still hurts her to think that it is over. Even being involved as an actress in the show, she is a fan of it.

What Can We Do To Make A Veronica Mars Movie Happen ?

The Warner Brothers own the right to Veronica Mars so they would be the ones to convince. As they will not release them to anyone because they will probably be able to remake the show in a few years, the goal of the multiple campaigns is to show them that there is an audience that will go to the cinemas and spend money to watch the film.

On top of all the facebook groups supporting the movie, Kristen bell started a Twitter campaign where people would try to make the tag #VeronicaMarsMovie trend.