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Our eyes have a wide field of vision our brains however do not . Evolution gave us the ability to focus on any living being or object . But do you know that when you start to focus your brain is actually removing the unnecessary background images . Try focusing on just one alphabet out of this entire article . Do you realise how your surroundings suddenly seem to disappear .  The part of your brain that interprets your vision the occipital lobe cannot really receive and interpret all the things that your eyes are looking at . Therefore it tends to discard useless background images that can distract you. 

Many people claim that they work all day multitasking . They claim that they have a supernatural ability to do many task at the same time . Maybe when we look at a multitask  type of person it does seem that their brain is doing many things at the same time . However if we take a look at their brains it's an entirely different story . When you suddenly switch to a different task your brain simply turns off the part of the brain you were just using and activates a specific region that helps you in your new task . Multitasking is simply this turning on and off process occurring at a very high-speed . This can make someone feel like that doing many things simultaneously . In reality there just switching task very quickly . We are not born with the ability to multitask .

Pickpockets and magicians have many resources like small talk , elegant hand gestures and even beautiful assistants . All these different resources are just trying to take advantage of our minds selective imagery . As amazing as the brain is , it can easily be tricked .  Pickpockets and magicians try to distract your attention somewhere else so that your eyes began to focus and slowly creating blind spots . This is why we never realise that we are fooled by pickpockets and magicians . Even if there right in front of us

But what about vehicles on the road , why don't we see them coming . The number one cause of road accidents is driving while text messaging . Remember that no matter how amazing our brains can be it simply cannot multitask . When people began to type out text messages while driving they are actually forcing their brains to stop concentrating on the road and concentrate on trying to finish typing that text message . When someones brain does not switch back fast enough from text messaging to driving the car that s when an accident occurs.

When we drive we do remind ourselves to look at all the cars on the road . Suddenly we realise that we just hit a motorcyclist . How could this actually happen when we were so focused on all the cars . The answer lies in the question . We told our minds to only focus on all the cars on the road and it aided us in our task . Your subconscious mind is a real slave that can take every thing you say very seriously . So when you tell your mind to only look for cars . It quickly removes the motorcycles , the trucks and even the pedestrians so that you can see all the cars better . Amazing isn't it .

Hopefully my article shows a hint of knowledge about the science of the brain and how it can cause accidents . There are three simple rules to follow when driving so that you do not end up in an accident.

1. Focus on everything 

Look at everything on the road . Every object and person both moving and stationary . Never try to isolate the task of finding vehicles into specific categories . Have an clear view of the road

2. Turn the volume of the music

Just like texting , loud music can cause your brain to look away for a while and enjoy the music . At least someone can die to good music .

3. Stop the car before texting

I cannot stress this enough we are not created to multitask. If the text message is so important then why not just stop the car and spend a few minutes to text . Your life is definitely more important than your time

In short , when your driving just focus on driving . Remember it's not about what you look at . It's about you are seeing