The BCS National Title game has been announced, and will be a rematch of the marquee game of the regular season: the LSU Tigers will play the Alabama Crimson Tide. Much has been made of the fact that Alabama has already lost to LSU - at home, in Tuscaloosa, - and that the number three team in the nation, Oklahoma State may be more deserving than the Crimson Tide. While a solid case could be made on the Cowboy's behalf, here are the five biggest reasons why 'Bama deserves a chance at the title.

The Tide Played LSU Closer Than Anyone

At their last match-up, 'Bama and LSU played a defensive classic that is easily one of the best games of the season, especially to lovers of defense. Remember, 'Bama missed four field goals in their first meeting, and still only lost by 3, in overtime. In every measure of the game but the score, the Tide and LSU played each other to a stalemate. There's no reason to think that a rematch will be any different.

Alabama Has the Best Defense in the Country

LSU is known for its depth and talent on defense. Without a doubt, the Tigers have a defense for the ages, and have dominated opponents defensively all season long. Surprisingly, 'Bama's defense is statistically better. They hold their opponents to less points, and less yards than LSU, and is the only team to hold the Tigers under 10 points all year. Which brings us to...

Defense Wins Championships..and Oklahoma State Has None

For all the scoring that Oklahoma State brings to the table, they simply can't stop anyone else from scoring. The Cowboys have only held one opponent to under 10 points this season. In fact, the Cowboys have surrendered 30+ points to such powerhouse offenses as Louisiana and Iowa (in a loss). Conversely, Saban's team has surrendered more than 14 points only once this season.

The SEC, Week to Week, Has a Higher Level of Competition Than Any Conference

I know it's somewhat cliché to say at this point, but the SEC is the toughest conference in the country, from top to bottom. Whether it's the rivalries, the talent, or the defenses, the SEC has been the marquee conference in college football for a while now. The winner of this game will be the 7th BCS champion from the SEC, and is the 1st BCS championship to feature teams from the same conference. In addition, the winner of this game will be the 5th straight from the conference.

The Big 12 Collectively Plays No Defense

Oklahoma State scores a ton of points...largely because their conference, as a whole, plays very little difference. The SEC has six teams in the top 10 of total defense in the country. The only team in the Big 12 in the top 30, defensively? Texas. Oklahoma State checks in at 107 of 120 teams. Alabama and LSU are 1 and 2, respectively.

Hats off to Oklahoma State for a great season. But by every standard, the only team that deserves to be on the field with LSU for the BCS championship is the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama is the only team to play LSU closely this season