The Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Ceramic Flat Irons

Why Some Ceramic Flat Irons are More Expensive Than Others

Ceramic Flat Iron

Flat irons can be as cheap as $15 and as expensive as $500.  And yet they all use the same terminology.  If you've done a lot of research or read many flat iron reviews, you will already know that. One word you almost always see used to describe a flat iron is the word ceramic. However, if the $16 flat iron and the $500 flat iron are both ceramic, then why shouldn’t you just buy the cheap one and save $484? I will tell you why but first I want to talk about what it means for a hair straightener to be ceramic.

What are Ceramic Flat Irons?

When you read that a flat iron is ceramic, what it is actually referring to is what kind of material the flat iron plate is made. So that means that a ceramic flat iron is a flat iron that has plates made out of a ceramic material. Ceramic is an inorganic clay or mudlike material that produces negative ions.

Why are negative ions important? The idea behind the benefits of negative ions is that our hair produces positive ions and when they met with the negative ions of the ceramic, they create a ton of benefits for our hair, such as:

Sleeker Hair

Shinier Hair

Softer Hair

Reduced Static

And more.

So obviously you can see why having a ceramic flat iron is important because who wouldn’t want their hair to gain all of those benefits? However, not all scientists agree with the negative-positive ion theory. Some believe that these flat iron companies are taking advantage of the public's ignorance on how ions work. This is my take on it. It does not necessarily matter what the true science is behind ceramic technology is (although it does matter that these companies tell their customers the truth), what is really important is that the flat iron actually live up to the benefits that it claims to have.

Why aren’t all Ceramic Flat Irons The Same?

The reason why all flat irons that mention the word ceramic are not the same is because of the thickness of the ceramic baked onto the plate. To put it another way, the quality of the ceramic flat iron is based on how many layers of ceramic there are baked onto the plate.

There is some dispute on if a flat iron can be made of solid ceramic plates. I personally don’t believe they can because I don’t see how a claylike material could ever become hard enough to be effective as a hair straightener.  Regardless of if the plates are solid ceramic are not, the more layers of ceramic baked onto the base of the flat iron, the most benefits our hair will see as a result. And this is usually what determines the price of the flat iron or is at least one of the major factors.


Of course this is only one of the factors that determines the price of the flat iron but it is a very big component of what makes some flat iron more expensive than others and this is very important when you are trying to figure out which one to buy. Reading flat iron reviews will also help you make the right decision on which flat iron to buy. Just be sure to get some kind of help before making this important hair decision.